The Sustaining Love of God

When I was young, Easter was a big deal. We always got new outfits for church, and mine always included a hat or bow for my hair. Everyone I knew celebrated Easter with baskets, bonnets, and smiles.

But what about the people who lived during the time of Jesus? He was their savior, and he had been killed. In their minds…

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I Could See Peace Instead of This

If you have been joining us in our Lessons in Light series that follows the forty days (traditionally known as Lent) leading up to Easter, today’s lesson is “I could see peace instead of this.” (W-34) In the wake of what is occurring in the world right now, this lesson is a welcome and powerful refocusing of our minds…

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The Cost of Grievances

We don’t have to look very far to find worry and concern. We have a Congress that can’t seem to agree on anything. Wars rage across multiple fronts. A woman’s 50-year right to control her own body has been taken away by courts, with deadly ramifications. And how about you? What are you going through in your life that is causing you concern: health issues, family challenges, financial difficulties? There are plenty of reasons to fear…

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God is the Love in Which I Forgive

“God does not forgive because He has never condemned. And there must be condemnation before forgiveness is necessary.” This powerful thought begins Lesson 46 in the Workbook for Students in A Course in Miracles. We will use this for the 3rd week of our Lessons in Light series because it tells us something about the Course’s view of God…

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A Blanket’s Statement

When our son Jeffrey was a baby, he was given a lovely handmade blanket. For years, it was his favorite blanket. No matter how old or tattered it became, it remained his favorite even when it eventually disintegrated. At that point, what the blanket represented was not its form but…

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Lessons in Light Begin

As lesson 323 in A Course in Miracles says, “I gladly make the ‘sacrifice’ of fear.” If you are ready to release the sacrificing thoughts that yoke you to fear, we can use the traditional time of Lent as a way to do just that. The Course invites us to look with a healed vision, guided by the Holy Spirit, to view the ideas of Christianity in a new light. Not one that separates us from each other, but one that…

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