May the Past Be Transformed

As I was flipping through Hugh Prather’s beautiful book Morning Notes…365 Meditations to Wake You Up, and I was struck by the above thought. It was just what I needed to hear and so I know it will bless you, as well. It gave me such peace to be reminded once again that God is with me always – loving me, not judging me.

Every day we are probably faced with issues that we wished we had done or handled differently…

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Meditation for Health

If you thought a good night’s sleep and proper diet and exercise were all you needed to be healthy, a new study from Harvard Medical School shows that meditation (prayer) can also change us for the better on a cellular level. It has long been agreed by scientists that meditation reduces stress and illness, but they were never sure why. This study finds the reason for the benefits…

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A Fly-By Miracle

The other night, I was downstairs in my kitchen getting a drink of water when I noticed a little fly in the corner of the window over the sink. I normally don’t like flies in my house; my “deal” with them has always been “If you remain outside you live, but inside….well, that’s another story.” Frankly, I was too tired to bother and figured this little fella’s life usually isn’t that long, so I’d give him a reprieve, and I went to bed.

The next morning I was surprised to see that same fly in the same corner of the window still attempting his fruitless effort to get out. He was never going to penetrate through the window, and my heart went out to him. I decided I would…

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War…What Is It Good For?

In 1969, the pop song “War” was recorded by Edwin Starr and quickly rose to #1 on the Billboard charts. Most of you probably don’t remember Starr because “War” was his only big hit, but you have probably heard the song as it has been used in numerous movies and television shows. This song is considered the most popular protest song ever recorded and the lyrics say it all. Here’s the part of the song you might have heard…

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I will be still and listen to the truth

After studying A Course in Miracles for nearly forty-two years, many of the workbook lessons feel like a comfortable, old shoe to me. When I hear or read them, I feel like I have slipped into a state of peace, tranquility, and knowing. I often feel my heart affirming a silent “yes,” even though the appearances of the world may not support this inner feeling. My trust is not because I am in denial about the world and all its activities, but because I know on a very deep level that this is the truth and the doorway to real and lasting transformation. Such is the case with the lesson, “Let me be still and listen to the truth. . .”

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Are You a Runaway Bunny?

Last week’s livestream meeting was so popular we wanted to share it as our gift to our readers here. The meeting also included the prayer thought we will be affirming for the month of May in our Prayer Ministry, “God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day” (Lesson 49). Combined together, we felt this would be a blessing to all!

The meeting is always free to view as it takes place live on Wednesday. But, to be able to view on-demand at your leisure, and have access to over 200 archived meetings, a subscription for as little as $20 a month is offered. We hope you will consider becoming a subscriber, which also gives you access to our Group Message Board. As always, the services of the Center are here to support your growth and practical understanding of the Course. Your support of our services is invaluable to the Center’s life and we truly appreciate your tax-deductible gifts.

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God’s Loving Arms

A cartoon strip shows a little boy sitting with his grandmother looking at a picture of his grandfather, who had passed on. The little boy asks, “If we talk to Granddad, can he hear us in heaven?” “Certainly, dear,” says Grandma, “I often tell Him how I miss him.” The little boy looks heavenward and waving his hand says, “Hi, Granddad! It’s me — Jeffy! Grandma really misses you! Come visit her sometime. Okay? Bye!” In the last panel of the cartoon, we see Grandma sitting on the bed and the transparent figure of Granddad with his arm around her. The little boy walks out of the room saying…

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Your Innocence

I have always been inspired by children’s television pioneer, Mr Rogers. His life is a testament to the power of kindness and compassion. Last year a documentary was released on the life of Fred Rogers and his innovative children’s show Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood that first aired in 1968. The documentary entitled Won’t You be My Neighbor gave audiences a look at the man who was just as caring behind the scenes as he was in front of the camera. This powerful glimpse provided clues as to how he did it. Fred Rogers always carried in his pocket a quote given to him by a social worker that changed the way he looked at life. It read…

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It’s Not Too Late

The power of A Course in Miracles is that it is practical. It offers us a step-by-step plan for our awakening, a Guide who not only knows the answer to every question you have, but “will tell you, and then do it for you.” (T-14.IV.6) Many complain that the Course is hard, but as it says, “The way is not hard, but it is very different.” (T-11.III.4) This last weekend, the Center offered our first interactive, multimedia live streamed seminar on A Course in Miracles, “Getting God’s Guidance.” Center’s founder, Beverly Hutchinson McNeff, weaved a powerful, insightful, and experiential six hour journey…

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