A New Seminar – Above the Battleground

This world has gone through a tough time. In the U.S. alone, 614,000 of our fellow citizens have died from the Covid-19 virus. Now more are threatened by the Delta variant. The signs of global warming are wreaking havoc around the world with floods, fires, and droughts. How about closer to home? In your own personal experience, has this been a rough couple of years? Personal as well as political unrest, violent domestic terrorism, and a flood of misinformation have caused more than a little chaos. Where do we go from here? The answer is…

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Living Miracles

Miracles are timeless, and even years after they occur, they stick with you. I remember as if it were yesterday the experience I had with a lady after presenting a sermon at one of my favorite local churches. I had met her many times, and again she and I were chatting in the social hall. But she had something new to share; she was now residing in an assisted living home. She continued…

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Call Me Trimtab

     Richard Buckminster Fuller was an American architect, author, inventor, and futurist. Probably best known for his creation of the geodesic dome, Fuller dedicated his life to making the world work for all humanity. What a wonderful purpose! When Fuller died, the following words were inscribed on his gravestone: “CALL ME TRIMTAB.”

     If you have ever wondered how mighty sailing ships turn, you probably thought it had to do with a rudder. And, you would be right! But, the ability to move that big rudder takes a lot of energy. Engineers came up with the idea that if you put a miniature rudder (a trim tab) on the big rudder, it would move more easily and use far less effort. And, in fact…

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The Case for Paper

Lately the terms “digital divide” and “internet inequality” have gained prominence. Both are used to describe the gulf between those who have ready access to computers and the internet, and those who do not. Whether due to poverty or unreliable infrastructure, the fact is that many do not have a convenient and dependable connection to the World Wide Web.

We receive so many wonderful comments from readers of Center’s magazine The Holy Encounter. They have been blessed by its contents and not only read it cover to cover, but also save the issues to refer to later. But if it were only a digital publication, many would miss out and not be able to enjoy it. Take Kate, for example, a reader in Puerto Rico who wrote to tell us of the importance of receiving our printed magazine, since her remote area is plagued by “sketchy” internet service. Or Betty who is currently incarcerated in a California prison and not allowed to freely surf online.

While accessibility is certainly a vital concern, it turns out that there is more to print than we might first realize…

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To Be Free or Not to Be Free

If this question were posed to us, of course we would choose freedom. After all, only a fool would want to be imprisoned! And yet, many of us walk around feeling imprisoned by time, circumstances, and a variety of other situations in our lives. Our minds have the power to impose many more limits than this world ever could, but our minds can also free us from a world of seeming limitation with merely one thought…

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The Magic Kiss

We all know that “magic kiss.” No, it’s not the one that wakes Sleeping Beauty. It’s the one every parent gives a child to take away the pain of a fall or scrape. For some mysterious reason when a parent gives that magic kiss and says, “let me kiss it and make it better,” the history of the hurt begins to heal. There is no worldly reason for it working. I’m sure scientists could study its miraculous power for years to no avail. It doesn’t work because of the world, it works in spite of the world…

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Another Wink

Last week, I wrote an article entitled, “A Wink from God.” It elicited many wonderful stories and comments, and then I had my own “wink” from my dear friend Hugh Prather.

Hugh made his passage into eternal life in November of 2010, and his physical presence is missed. I miss my fun, long phone calls with him, but luckily, I have shared that same connection with Hugh’s wonderful wife Gayle. The connection with Hugh continues through his brilliant work, and I often quote from one of his many marvelous books, Morning Notes.

Well, here’s the “wink”…

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A Wink from God

A Course in Miracles offers us such a simple, healing approach to life, but the problem is we are often unwilling to lift our vision from the way it has always been to embrace a new experience, a new way. But in those moments, when we do allow the Holy Spirit into our sorrow and problems, we are given a vision of renewal and life that is always around us.

Some years back…

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May the Past Be Transformed

As I was flipping through Hugh Prather’s beautiful book Morning Notes: 365 Meditations to Wake You Up, I was struck by the above thought. It was just what I needed to hear and so I know it will bless you, as well. It gave me such peace to be reminded once again that God is with me always – loving me, not judging me…

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Your Peace is with Me, Father

Years ago, I saw a movie entitled Fly Away Home. It tells the autobiographical tale of a thirteen-year-old girl who is displaced from her home after the death of her mother. She ends up living with her father (whom she has not seen since she was three years old) in the pristine wilderness of eastern Canada. No matter how hard her father tries to make his home hers, the girl feels all alone…

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