The Hammock in the Middle

On July 27, 2022, Norman Lear turned 100 years old. Many know him as the legendary creator, writer, and producer of such iconic television shows as All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Maude, The Golden Girls, and so many others. I had the privilege of meeting Norman Lear in 1992 at Marianne Williamson’s 40th birthday party. At that time, he was a spry 70 years young and crowned with his trademark poplin fabric fedora!

Norman Lear said recently that his motto for a long life could be summarized with these words…

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A Change is Gonna Come

I grew up in Oregon, but, as a child, our family traveled a lot. My dad was a salesman who traveled all across the United States. He would always wait until the summer to travel to California so our family could go with him. We loved going to California because that meant we could go to Disneyland (it was the only Disneyland when we were growing up). My brother and I planned our trip to Disneyland down to the minute, so we could hit the rides we loved the most. We even saved our unused tickets from our ticket books (remember those!) from year to year so we could use them on the upcoming trip.

Our parents loved to indulge in our planning, and they excitedly followed our itinerary for Disneyland. But, at the end of the long day, my dad always wanted to make our last attraction be…

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Lost but Now Found

“I can be free of suffering today”

I grabbed a pair of scissors off a shelf, causing a pen to fall onto the mess that is known as my desk. From the side of my desk where I was standing, I could not see the pen. It had disappeared from my sight. Of course, it had to be there. I had just knocked it off the shelf! But it was not visible from my perspective. As I shifted my angle, moved a few stacks of books and papers away, and looked again, I saw…

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I can be free of suffering today

“I can be free of suffering today”

For most of us, this is a joyous statement and one we want to embrace and experience. It would seem unthinkable that anyone would not want release from suffering. And yet, all we need to do is look around this world, see all the suffering and pain, and wonder if this thought is realistic or even desired. Is it realistic?…

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His Message

Isn’t it interesting how we can remember significant moments in our lives? I remember like it was yesterday this story about our son Jeffrey when he was young because it continues to teach me a powerful truth.

Jeffrey came home from school, requested to use my office and computer, and then hurried upstairs to begin his important task. His request was so adorable that I agreed and stepped away to allow him the privacy to do what he wanted.

As I walked by my office and glanced into the room, I saw…

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Walking Together for 45 Years

I have been studying A Course in Miracles since 1977, so that is 45 years. As a result, that means I’m either spiritually enlightened or a slow learner! I am fond of saying the latter, but if, as the Course tells us, “enlightenment is but a recognition, not a change at all,” then enlightenment is awareness, and that’s what the Course has brought me. I am more aware when I choose fear or make compromises to peace; it’s no longer a comfortable experience for me. Therefore, I choose again much faster than before, which is…

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Train-ing My Vision

Our son, Jeffrey, grew up loving trains. As a little boy, he would say he wanted to be an engineer when he grew up. What he meant was he wanted to be the guy who drove the trains. He still wants to be an engineer, but now that means he wants to be the person who creates and builds structures. He still likes trains, though.

Trains were and will always be a big part of our lives, and I vividly remember a family train ride we took to Los Angeles when Jeff was about four years old. As we looked out the windows…

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The Permanence of Joy

What a great thought! Some may think this is wishful thinking, but this is the truth from A Course in Miracles’ perspective. We need to keep focused on the joy in our lives because that is what we are entitled to. The sad times, the fears, the anger, and depression may seem very real to us, but they are not our truth. We are entitled to miracles . . . we are entitled to the gift that God is holding out to us in this very moment.

Yes, God is giving us a gift at this very moment. As a matter of fact…

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Closed Captions Available

We are pleased to announce a new benefit for our weekly livestream subscribers: closed captioning. Now, each week’s archived meeting features captions — as a service for those who watch with the sound off — perhaps because they’re hard of hearing or in a public place. View our free weekly livesteam each Wednesday and, if the captioning feature is appealing to you, consider becoming a subscriber to enjoy this new benefit.

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