Another Choice

Do you remember coloring with crayons? Growing up, I loved to color. I delighted in getting a new box of crayons with all the pretty colors, perfectly sharpened and all in a row. So when I first gave a brand new box of crayons to our son, when he was a toddler, I was interested to see his reaction.

I recall how he opened the box carefully and said…

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“I can be free of suffering today”

“I can be free of suffering today”

For most of us this is a joyous statement, and one we want to embrace and experience. It would seem unthinkable that anyone would not want release from suffering. And yet, all we need do is look around this world and see all the suffering and pain and wonder if this thought is realistic or even desired.

Is it realistic?…

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Living Miracles

After presenting a sermon at one of my favorite local churches, I was chatting in the social hall when a woman I had visited with many times before came up to me. She told me she was now residing in an assisted living home, and she continued…

“I did not like the idea of living there, but circumstances were such that there was no other choice. I was not happy. Then, one day, I decided if I was going to live in an assisted living home, I would start assisting the living. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I started helping others – assisting the living – and now I feel great!”

That was all it took for her – a simple shift in perception…and, isn’t that a miracle? As the Course reminds us…

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Student of the Month

Have you noticed how much stuff we seem to collect? It is hard to sort through things and decide what to discard and what to keep. But, at some point we have to do it! In doing this tedious but necessary process, I came across of box of our son Jeff’s old school things — things he had accumulated over the years. One item was an award for “Student to the Month.” The note read: He’s a very self-motivated learner. He asks questions, helps others, and frequently communicates with me when he needs help”. . .

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ACIM Affirmation Cards

A set of twelve cards, each featuring an inspiring affirmation from A Course in Miracles on the frontside. On the backside is a related prayer to recite throughout the day. Each measures 3 1/2″ by 5 1/2″ and is printed in vibrant color on 14 point card stock.

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Watching Clouds

Do you ever watch the clouds? I haven’t enjoyed simply watching the clouds since I was a girl growing up in Oregon. I remember sleepy summer days when I would spend hours just looking up at the sky watching the clouds. Nowadays, I am rushing from one thing to another, my mind filled with the needs of MDC, my family and a multitude “important” issues that fill my thoughts. But today I took a moment and looked up toward the heavens to watch the clouds…

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His Message

Isn’t it interesting how we can remember significant moments in our lives? I can remember this story about our son Jeffrey when he seven years old like it was yesterday because it still is teaching me a powerful truth.

I remember how he came home from school, requested to use my office and computer and then hurried up stairs to begin his important task…

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It’s Time to Make It Personal

Viewing the coverage of the two most recent mass shootings, it is hard to know how to respond. And then I remembered…it is not my job to figure it out, but it is my job to let it be answered for me (and for all the world) by the One Who truly knows.

As that thought crossed my mind, my eyes landed on the box of Wisdom from A Course in Miracles Cards that sits on my kitchen counter. I keep this box of inspirational quotes from the Course close by just for situations like this. I closed my eyes, ran my fingers over the cards and asked for help. This is the card I pulled out . . .

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But It’s a Rectangle!

My goddaughter, Lauren, turned twenty-eight a few days ago. When children’s birthdays roll around, if you are like me, a flood of memories come to mind when they were just little ones. Thinking back on Lauren’s life, I was reminded of the following story that not only spoke of Lauren’s insight at such a young age, but also an important insight we can all learn from.

Grandma and Grandpa were taking three-year-old Lauren on a trip. As she rode in her car seat with a carton of juice in hand…

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The Circle of Life

A new movie hit theaters last week, but it was really just a technological update of a twenty-five year old movie, The Lion King. I felt at the time of this movie’s first release, as I do after seeing its latest incarnation, it is dealing with the deep, spiritual themes of life and how we are all interconnected.

When watched through the eyes of A Course in Miracles, this movie presents a wonderful allegory of our own lives…

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