Our Higher Loyalty to the Truth

How do we handle all the hateful tweeting and personal attacks and name calling that take place in our cyber world? For one thing, responding in like kind produces nothing. We all know this type of bullying behavior is really an indicator of a sense of deep fear and unworthiness by those who undertake this type of conduct. Therefore, we do need to rise above the chaos, but we must also not…

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The Great Recycler

The other day I was looking at the mountain of trash I had put in the garbage cans and recycling bins at our house. As homebodies due to Covid, we have been creating more trash than usual and also cleaning out things that have been piling up. It’s been wonderful, though, that we can now recycle so many things.

The idea of recycling really came into fashion in the 70s with the purpose of reusing our garbage instead of wasting our raw materials and filling up our landfills. Remarkable things can be made out of recycled products.

From the world’s perspective, we have tried to “clean up our act,” so to speak. But, what about from a spiritual perspective…

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Let Healing Be

In my part of the world, spring has sprung! I love seeing bunnies hopping around our hills, butterflies floating from flower to flower and birds pulling worms from the ground. Everything is so filled with renewal. I am especially impressed when I see buds of green popping out of the seeming “sticks” in my garden. I do not have a green thumb so when the bareness of winter in my garden gives way to actual growth, I am always amazed…

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I Am Surrounded by the Love of God

Beautiful and reassuring thoughts begin Workbook Lesson 264 from A Course in Miracles. And they are more than just thoughts; they are affirmations of faith. It is by faith that we feel God’s mighty presence even when our world may show us fearful situations. Faith carries us past the dark shadows of doubt to a new dawn of safety and love…

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New Tote Bag

When you begin your ongoing monthly pledge of $15 or more, we will welcome you as a new Holy Helper with this canvas Teach Only Love Tote Bag which features a large main section with dual inside pocket and an outside water bottle pocket.

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The Personification of Love

Many people are currently rediscovering the works of Dr. Jerry Jampolsky. After finding A Course in Miracles in 1975, Jerry went on to author and co-author with his wife Diane Cirincione-Jampolsky 20 books in 32 languages including classics such as Love is Letting Go of Fear, Teach Only Love, and A Mini Course for Life. Explore their life-changing writings at the link below.

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The Cost of Grievances

We have been in the midst of a worldwide pandemic for a year and the US has suffered 500,000 deaths as a result. While this continues to be a serious issue, and we need to be taking the advised precautions, fear does nothing to help. I know that fear is the natural knee-jerk reaction, but, as we are told in A Course in Miracles, fear only leaves us in a fog of illusions and now is the time for clarity and truth. With that said…

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How Can I Help?

How can I help you? When I think about my long-time friend Jerry Jampolsky, this is the phrase that most often comes to mind. I met Jerry in 1978 when my brother and I founded Miracle Distribution Center. Jerry’s dedication to service and helping was on full display with the work he did with terminally ill children and their parents and siblings. Through the first Center for Attitudinal Healing in Tiburon, California, he gave those who thought they had nothing left to give, the realization of the healing power they could experience by being truly helpful to others going through the same experience. He was not there to sympathize with them, but to remind them that they had a great gift to give. They grew stronger by being truly helpful.

Jerry’s work with attitudinal healing was sparked after he found A Course in Miracles in 1975…

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Yummy You

During the pandemic, many people turned to baking. In an article that explored this blast of baking, the common explanation for the trend was: “If I am capable of baking something, I am not powerless!”

What a wonderful awareness! In the midst of a global pandemic, people were using the tools before them to take back their power. So let’s take that impetus one step further.

When you think about the basics of baking, you have to have the necessary ingredients or you can’t bake anything. Let’s say you want to bake a yummy chocolate cake…

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A New Meaning for Lent

Lesson 323 in A Course in Miracles says, “I gladly make the ‘sacrifice’ of fear.” If the idea of releasing fear and sacrifice appeal to you, then perhaps we can use the traditional time of Lent as a way to do just that. The Course invites us to look with a new vision, guided by the Holy Spirit, to view the ideas of Christianity in a new light. Not one that separates us from each other, but one that unites us in healing. Therefore, during this time that leads up to Easter…

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