Prison Project

The Prison Project of Miracle Distribution Center sends A Course in Miracles and other Course-based items to those in prison. Through your generous donations, we have been able to supply many newly-started spiritual libraries in prisons. In some cases we have been able to provide multiple copies of books so more inmates can read about the love that is their essence. These principles are truly making a difference and quenching a thirst for truth that many in prison have found no other place.

We will do our best to keep you abreast of the work that is being done and the way this work is impacting inmates. The following letters give an indication of the importance of our Prison Project:

Dear friends at Miracle Distribution Center,

As I get ready to leave prison on April 29th of this year and go home. I would like to thank you for helping change my life. I started reading your material back in 2004, and in the years since then, your book, A Course in Miracles and The Holy Encounter magazine have changed the way I think, feel, and see the world. I am leaving prison with a whole new set of beliefs and I have never felt so peaceful and grateful as I do now. You really have transformed my life. Your material is life-changing. You have given me a way of life that I had never knew was possible. It is so much better than anything I could have imagined.

Life is easier; it’s so much better, more peaceful. My ego isn’t nearly as strong or loud in my head as it use to be, and thanks to you and your material, I can now dispute and handle things that used to be difficult for me in the past. Things come naturally now and I hear the Holy Spirit so much more. I am so so grateful to you all. Your support, love and encouragement, non-judgmental attitude and compassion made all the difference in the world.

I am giving you my new address so that I may continue to be in touch and receive your magazine.

Thank you all and again, I am so very grateful to all of you.

and another . . .

Dear friends,

I’ve just come home from the Attitudinal Group at San Quentin and, with the prisoner’s permission, have a story to pass along to you.

Kamal, an Egyptian, has been in prison for years and years and was denied parole many times. He went again to the Board on February 12 and had a very long hearing; his victim’s family was also present. He told us in group that this time he decided to just talk from his heart and not try to “explain things” over again.

He was asked a question, and didn’t really have an answer for it. When the Board asked him what he had to say, he replied, “In my defenselessness my safety lies. I choose to leave weakness behind.” One of the Commissioners asked him, “Where did you learn that?” He explained that it came from a small red book entitled, A Mini Course for Life. He feels this turned the tide for him. The Board finally granted him parole that day!

In our group, the men draw a card (from the book) after they share and they read it out loud. Kamal drew that very card tonight after his sharing!

Your teachings are a blessing to us all.

With love,

We feel honored to be able to meet each request that is sent to us, because of your generous support of The Prison Project. If you are aware of an inmate who would like to have books related to the Course, or The Holy Encounter magazine, let us know. Because of strict rules for sending items into prisons, please check with the particular prison authorities before you request that we send items.

Together we can experience healing by demonstrating healing through our willingness to be to truly helpful to others.

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