About Miracle Distribution Center

MIRACLE DISTRIBUTION CENTER is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping make the teachings of A Course in Miracles more available and to aid course students in their practice of its transformational principles. Over the years the Center has grown and evolved and now reaches worldwide. Founded in 1978 by Richard and Beverly Hutchinson (brother and sister), the Center responds to hundreds of requests a week from individual students of the Course as well as national magazines and newspapers interested in information on A Course in Miracles.

SINCE MIRACLE DISTRIBUTION CENTER’S FOUNDING IN 1978, its purpose has been to help students of A Course in Miracles with their understanding and study of the Course. The Center publishes The Holy Encounter, which features inspirational articles, stories, and interviews, all based on the Course. You will be given an opportunity to subscribe to the publication when you request a listing of study groups.

One of the primary ways the Center helps students is through its lists of study groups that meet to study A Course in Miracles. We now keep track of groups around the world in 75 countries. The task of keeping these lists updated and accurate is a major responsibility. The lists are updated daily, so information is up-to-the minute in its timeliness. We are the only organization in the world that takes this kind of care in listing Course study groups.

Although A Course in Miracles is a self-study course, many people have found it helpful to study the material with others. These groups have formed independent of Miracle Distribution Center or the Course’s publisher, The Foundation for Inner Peace. Even though study of the Course does not require a group environment, a group may help facilitate this study.

All study group lists are to be used for the purpose of finding A Course in Miracles study group meetings ONLY. We DO NOT make the lists available for the purpose of telemarketing to promote products, seminars, lectures, etc.

To view a Study Group list for your area

View our map of study groups around the world. Enter your search parameters, click “Search” and results will display on the map as placemarks and in the grid below the map. You may click on a placemark to view the details of that study group.

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Miracle Distribution Center is an education center for helping students understand and integrate the Course principles

An Educational Center

Helping students’ understanding and integration of Course principles, through:

ACIM Livestream Meetings

Every Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. the Center presents a free livestream meeting on the principles of A Course in Miracles facilitated by Beverly Hutchinson McNeff, president and co-founder of the Center.

Livestream Archive

Each meeting at the Center is archived to allow viewers from around the world to watch at their convenience. This is a subscription service

As a subscriber you will enjoy:

  • Access to hundreds of previous meetings in our video archive.
  • A private subscriber message board available 24/7 to continue the discussion.
  • An audio recording each week, on either mp3 or CD

What’s everyone talking about?

— “The study group recordings are a welcome treat each week and help me stay focused on what’s really important. Thank you!”

— “Through the weekly meeting, your work has become a revelation and a comfort in my life.”

— “Faithfully, I watch each week and the impact on my life is taking hold.”

— “The study group meetings are so helpful to me — they are a wonderful, wonderful support! They help me to stay focused and unified. I am deeply appreciative of this ministry through your Center.”

— “I have been viewing the Wednesday night meetings and they have been a real lifeline for me. I am beginning to feel part of the group. Most mornings I listen to part of it as soon as I get up. I laugh and cry along with you all, and I am delighted at how relevant the sharing is to my life and my daily concerns. Again, many thanks for being there and for your willingness to join with those of us who are geographically distant.”

This is just a sampling of the wonderful letters we receive from our many viewers. In the group we tackle real life challenges and view them with the healing power of A Course in Miracles. Each week the group not only explores a workbook lesson from the Course, but also covers a section in the Course’s text. Two or three paragraphs are read and explained for their theory as well as their application into our daily lives. Beverly Hutchinson, the group’s facilitator and student of the Course since 1977, has a knack for bringing the Course’s principles to life!

So many friends have enjoyed this form of study and joining — we hope you will join us!

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