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Through this service of the Center, you will receive your lesson from the Workbook for Students of A Course in Miracles each day via email or text, or both! In the email version, the lesson’s title is displayed in an attractive image. Just below the image, you’ll find a link to the complete lesson. In the text version, you’ll receive the lesson link.

Imagine finding your lesson on your phone or computer each morning, ready for you to begin practicing. You can begin with any lesson number. If you miss your lesson for any reason, or find you want to repeat it, you can easily reset your lesson number and continue on from there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Daily Lesson Email & Text service work?
Enter your name, email address, phone number, password, time zone, and the lesson number with which you’d like to begin. Select to receive your first lesson immediately or the following day. Then click the “Subscribe” button. Subsequent lessons will arrive each morning after that. On the “My Subscription” tab, you can elect to receive the lessons via texts.

What if I miss my lesson for the day and want to repeat it?
Simply login to your account by clicking on the “Oops, I missed my lesson today!” link in the email. Click on “My Subscription” in the left column, then select a new starting lesson number. Your updated sequence will begin from that lesson.

I see the lesson’s title in the email. Can I read the entire lesson?
Yes. Simply click on the lesson’s title below the image in the email. This link will lead you directly to the lesson in our ACIM Online with Search. You can read the entire lesson or go on to any other part of the Course.

I already receive my lessons by email. How do I begin receiving them by texts?
Log-in to your account and select the “My Subscription” tab to turn on or off the emails and texts.

What if I want to stop receiving the daily lessons?
Just click at the bottom of any email to unsubscribe from the service. If you are receiving texts, log-in to your account on this website to unsubscribe on the “My Subscription” tab.

Is there a cost for this service?
There is no charge for this service. Your generous donations support our many free programs.

Donate to Support This Service