Our Invitation to You

Back in 1978, when my brother and I founded Miracle Distribution Center (MDC), Jimmy Carter was President of the United States, the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive” topped the charts, and the Berlin Wall stood as a reminder of the Cold War. None of us had heard of a cellphone, e-mail, or the internet.

A lot has changed, but what has not changed is…

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I Rest in God

For many A Course in Miracles students, “I rest in God” (W-109) is one of the most comforting lessons in the Course. It is not a lesson of denial but rather a lesson of escape from the world of illusions and an assertion of our real power that we have sought to throw away but what God has kept inviolate for us. We can experience the power and peace of this lesson, as we say …

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Our X-Ray Vision

When I was growing up, my brother and I read comic books. We read Superman, Batman, and even Archie. You may have done the same thing if you’re of my generation. Perhaps you recall that these comic books had advertisements in the back trying to sell you stuff like Sea Monkeys and x-ray vision glasses. Boy, does this take me back!

Of course, we sent in our quarters. The Sea Monkeys worked pretty well, but those X-ray glasses didn’t entirely give you the X-ray vision of Superman. You just looked sort of crazy when you put them on…

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Got God?

We are a slogan society. Commercials, as much as we sometimes hate them, really do grab our attention. They must be of some value. After all, this year’s commercial time on the Super Bowl cost $7 million for a thirty-second spot!

We have all been prey to the commercial slogan frenzy. Remember those ingenious milk commercials that asked the perennial question…

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Call Me Trim Tab

Richard Buckminster Fuller was an American architect, author, inventor, and futurist. Probably best known for his creation of the geodesic dome, Fuller dedicated his life to making the world work for all humanity. What a wonderful purpose! When Fuller died, the following words were inscribed on his gravestone…

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Watching Clouds

Do you ever watch the clouds? I haven’t enjoyed simply watching the clouds since I was a girl growing up in Oregon. I remember sleepy summer days when I would spend hours just looking up at the sky watching the clouds. Nowadays, I am rushing from one thing to another, my mind filled with the needs of MDC, my family, and a multitude of “important” issues that fill my thoughts. But today, I took a moment and looked up toward the heavens to…

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The Kissing Hand

I have been trying to sort through things and give them away. I have the hardest time, though, giving books away. Each one has a message for me and a story behind each story, so my shelves get more and more full as I stack and double stack my bookshelves. My son Jeff is just as bad. He also can’t give books away. He has some wonderful volumes from his childhood that neither of us wants to give away. One such book is…

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