His Message

Isn’t it interesting how we can remember significant moments in our lives? I can remember this story about our son Jeffrey when he seven years old like it was yesterday because it still is teaching me a powerful truth.

I remember how he came home from school, requested to use my office and computer and then hurried up stairs to begin his important task. His request was so adorable I agreed and stepped away to allow him the privacy to do what he wanted.

As I walked by my office and glanced in the room, I saw…

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God’s Voice Speaks to Me All Through the Day

One of the most asked questions by students of A Course is Miracles has to be, “How can I hear God’s Voice?” This workbook lesson gives us a rather different answer than the traditional “how to” answer, for it says you already are listening to God’s Voice! It tells us that there is a part of our mind which “is in constant communication with God, whether you are aware of it or not,” but there is another “part of our mind that functions in the world and obeys the world’s laws. It is this part that is constantly distracted, disorganized and highly uncertain.” So the question is not “How can I hear God’s Voice?” as much as…

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What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Since we are all staying home more and watching streaming channels on television, I happened to see, once again, the movie, What’s Love Got to Do With It? It’s the life story of singer Tina Turner: Her rise to fame, her detour into fear, and her re-emergence as she recognized her worth through love.

As a child, Tina had an extraordinary voice, and when she met her husband-to-be, Ike Turner, “a star was born.” Her life was not easy. Although Ike taught Tina the business, he also gave her “the business:” his abusive nature left Tina with physical and mental scars.

It was through the help of a friend that Tina found a purpose and value to her life…

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What Is a Holy Helper?

We invite you to become a Holy Helper by making a monthly gift to the Center to guarantee that our many services are readily available to those in need. Since 1978, our monthly donors have formed the backbone of our work, ensuring we are here for others into the future.

Now, when you become a new Holy Helper with an ongoing, monthly commitment of $15 or more, we will send you a gift.

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The Golden Rule Revisited

We were all taught the Golden Rule, no matter where we were raised or our religious background. The idea of doing to others only what we would want done to ourselves is understood by even those with no religious background — it’s just what decent people do. But though we have heard this rule since time immemorial does not make it an old or out-dated concept — to the contrary, this concept is our salvation. The fact that it is stated in every religion and taught in every culture shows us its universal truth. It seems to make sense to our collective consciousness, so perhaps it’s time to practice it if we have been remiss as of late…and who among us has not?

In this day and age, with all that is happening in our world, it might be good for us…

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Retreat Rescheduled

Due to COVID-19 concerns, we have had to postpone our 2020 Holy Encounter Retreat. The intimate nature of the weekend did not allow for adequate social distancing in the midst of a pandemic. We have rescheduled the weekend for September 17-19, 2021.

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Inner Dependence

“We are all angels with amnesia,” Dr. William Thetford, co-scribe of A Course in Miracles, once said. And we are! The radiance of our true Self can never change or be tarnished in any way. We are assured, “Your worth is not established by teaching or learning. Your worth is established by God. Nothing you do or think or wish or make is necessary to establish your worth.” (T-4.I.7:1)

Yes, our true worth is established and will never change, whether or not we acknowledge it. But, whether or not we acknowledge this truth does determine the type of life we experience.

We are told over and over again in the Course that…

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Who Am I?

The classic story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde describes the struggle of good and evil that seems to be within all mankind. Man’s moments of goodness and kindness can so quickly turn to anger and destruction. This split personality has been the age-old debate and yet A Course in Miracles tells us that good and evil are both untrue; we are spirit, not the acceptable or unacceptable split-image we have made ourselves into.

This awareness does not deny the fact that we may have moments of kindness and compassion contrasted by moments of anger and rage, but God did not create this split. He created…

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A Change Is Gonna Come

I grew up in Oregon, but, as a child, our family traveled a lot. My dad was a salesman who traveled all across the United States. He would always wait until the summer, though, to travel to California so our family could go with him. We loved going to California because that meant we could go to Disneyland (it was the only Disneyland when we were growing up). My brother and I planned our trip to Disneyland down to the minute, so we could hit the rides we loved the best. We even saved our unused tickets from our ticket books (remember those?) from year to year so we could use them on the upcoming trip.

Our parents loved to indulge our planning, and they excitedly followed our itinerary for Disneyland. But, at the end of the long day, my dad always wanted to make our last attraction…

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It’s Time to Make It Personal

Viewing the coverage of the peaceful protests and then the destructive riots that have ensued as a result of the senseless death of George Floyd, it is hard to know how to respond. We understand the outrage we all feel for this man’s death and the overwhelming problem of racism in our country. Then I remembered…it is not my job to figure it out, but it is my job to let it be answered for me (and for all the world) by the One Who truly knows.

As that thought crossed my mind, my eyes landed on…

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