Utter Practicality

A reporter had been invited to India to interview the Dalai Lama, and he was pleasantly surprised to be invited to pray with the monks before his meeting.

As the reporter sat in his peaceful pose and closed his eyes, his stomach began growling. He had forgotten to eat because of the time change and the excitement of mediating with the monks. Now, his stomach was…

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Tithing Who You Are

Over the years, I’ve occasionally been asked about my feelings about tithing. When I hear that word, I immediately think of my early church experiences in which I was told to give 10% of my income to my church. I don’t think God created that equation or holds anyone to it. I don’t think our entrance fee into Heaven is calculated by the percentage of the money we give on Earth. But I do believe that “tithing” or giving is important. Now, I don’t think tithing or giving has anything to do with money. You can give money, of course, and certainly, we all need money to pay our bills, but what really heals us is not what we give but why and how we give it…

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Partners on the Path

Through our forty-five years of service, we have had the opportunity to take the hands of many brothers, and each one has brought a blessing to Miracle Distribution Center. I have written in previous articles about how my brother, Richard, was the moving force in starting the Center, but I also want to mention the impact that our parents have had on MDC’s growth, for it truly has been a “family affair”…

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A Pebble in Your Shoe

The other day I had a little pebble in my shoe. I went out for a walk with my husband and son, and everything was fine at the beginning, but all of a sudden, there it was! How did that pebble get in there? It must have been in there all the time, but it took me a while to feel it. Of course, you know what happened next…

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May the Past Be Transformed

A Course in Miracles tells us that the answer to life’s challenges is here now. They will not be found by dwelling in the past or anticipating the future but by focusing on the power that is with us now. As we read, “God is here, and with you now.” (T-24.VI.1)

This comforting truth may not take away the issues you faced in the past or are afraid of in the future, but this truth…

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We Are Here to Serve You

It’s been 45 years since my brother and I founded Miracle Distribution Center. Back in 1978, Jimmy Carter was President of the United States, the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive” topped the charts, and the Berlin Wall stood as a reminder of the cold war. None of us had heard of a cellphone, e-mail, or the internet.

There has been a lot of change, but what has not changed is MDC’s focus on service. It was the focus on service that started the Center, and this has never changed. As you are reading these words…

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What Do We Do Now?

In retrospect, I don’t know whether we ever asked the question “What now?” In those early years, everything happened so quickly. Our own personal growth was such an exciting adventure. We were discovering new insights with every turn of a page of the Course. Our study group was also growing, and we were learning much about how to relate this revolutionary material to others (and, of course, ourselves).

I am often asked, “How can I start a miracle distribution center?” My answer is always…

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The Promise of Easter

A teacher stood before her second-grade Sunday school class and asked, “Who knows what Easter is about?” As the children’s puzzled faces stared back at the teacher, one small hand darted up. “Yes, Pedro?” responded the teacher.

“It’s when everyone gets together and eats a turkey and celebrates coming to America,” he said with surety.

“No, that’s Thanksgiving, not Easter,” said the teacher.

“I know! I know!” said Leticia, stretching her arm high into the sky…

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I Could See Peace Instead of This

If you have been joining us in our Lessons in Light series that follows the forty days (traditionally known as Lent) leading up to Easter, today’s lesson is “I could see peace instead of this.” In the wake of what is occurring in the world right now, this lesson is a welcome and powerful refocusing of our minds.

The purpose of all of the lessons in this series is to help you…

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