The Wagging Tail

My husband Paul and I take a walk out in nature almost every day. To get to our nature trail, we walk by the same set of homes and every day the same dog comes running to the fence to bark at us. I always thought his bark was so angry and it irritated me that he could not get used to us walking by every day. I kept thinking, doesn’t he know us by now?

One day I finally said to Paul, “What’s wrong with that dog? Why is he growling and barking at us like we’re strangers?”

“He doesn’t think we are strangers.” Paul replied. “Look at him, he’s wagging his tail. He likes us and wants to play.”

That perception hit me between the eyes…

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Walk Our Talk

When I was growing up, every summer our family traveled the country. My dad was a salesman, and during the school year we were home with mom. He missed having his family around, and even though it was more expensive to travel with the family, he felt the benefits outweighed the costs. I am so grateful he did, because we saw some beautiful country and some interesting sites.

You have to remember this was back in the 60s when color TV and 3-D glasses were cutting-edge technology. As my brother and I sat un-seatbelted, and peered out the window of our un-air conditioned station wagon, we were fascinated by the billboards.

Each one piqued our interest for the next one…

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Christmas Cheer from Us to You

Most of us at the Center happen to be old-time movie buffs. Many of the old Christmas movies have wonderful spiritual messages to them. One of our all-time favorites is It’s a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart. This classic Capra movie has become a holiday standard, and we wouldn’t miss it!

But, if you are up for another old-time adventure this holiday, you should check out the wonderful 1947 gem…

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Lay Down Your Arms

As the season of gratitude and peace approaches, it is often difficult for us to believe God is present in the painful, confusing situations of life, or that anything “good” can come of a tragic circumstance. And yet, this is our guarantee, for as we read in the Course, “All things work together for good. There are no exceptions except in the ego’s judgment…

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Preparing for Advent

The four weeks before Christmas are typically known as Advent. It is considered a time of preparation for the birth of Christ. Therefore, let us prepare for the birth of Christ by preparing our own inner garden. Today let us begin by noticing the weeds of fear that are chocking the seeds of healing in our lives and make a conscious choice to bring them to the light of true healing, to the Holy Spirit, and allow Him to simply look on them. We don’t have to worry about how or when He will heal them. We have faith that if we bring them to Him, He will do the job immediately…

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What Would Jesus Do?

When the holidays roll around, I start thinking of how I can make them more meaningful and less commercialized. As I write this, it is fall in Southern California, but it’s also 90 degrees. It doesn’t feel like Christmas, and yet our local Home Depot store is displaying fully-lighted, artificial Christmas trees and aisles and aisles of outdoor and indoor holiday decorations. Not to mention all the other stores and online outlets reminding me to purchase my gifts before it’s too late!

Yes, the holidays can seem too commercialized! But, what’s wrong with that? It is my choice to get caught up in the judgment of the holidays or to shift my perception to the wonder of the season…

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God Is Here and with You Now

An elderly couple were driving in their old car which had a bench seat (not the bucket seats that so many new cars have.) They passed by a younger couple who were walking hand-in-hand, showing great affection for each other. The wife turned to her husband and said, “Why aren’t we more like them?”

To that the husband replied…

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Beatitudes from A Course in Miracles

The beatitudes, as Jesus stated them in the Bible, were considered a promise of hope for the people of the time. The term “beati” translates to “happy,” “rich,” or “blessed.” As he stood and delivered what came to be known as the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus was not speaking to the rich and powerful, but to the poor and disenfranchised who hungered for a message of release and healing from their oppression. His message was not a focus on the outer world for salvation, but a focus on the inner truth that would release their minds and hearts…

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The Awareness of Love

Author Karen Casey once told a story about the Dalai Lama that really stuck with me. It seems he had been invited to speak at a high-priced fundraiser. After dinner, it was time for the main event. The Dalai Lama walked to the microphone and slowly looked around the room, and then said, “Love one another.” Those important words hung in the air, and then he turned around and sat down.

An uncomfortable hum filled the room as people wondered if they had paid all this money for three words! All of a sudden, the Dalai Lama rose again from his chair, appearing as if he had forgotten something. As he made his way back to the podium, the crowd sounded a collective sigh of relief as they anticipated his next words. He leaned into the microphone…

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