Connecting the Dots

When our son Jeff was a toddler of about three or so, Paul and I would take him to restaurants that were child-friendly. As many of you know, three-year-olds don’t have a long attention span, so most restaurants are wise to provide crayons and place mats with puzzles and games on them. I remember loving the connect-the-dot puzzles on the mats. No matter how simple the dot-puzzle was, it was still difficult to see the figure among the dots until you actually connected them…

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A Happiness Birthday Reminder

Sometimes we hold on to our problems like a dog hangs on to a bone. The idea of someone taking those problems away from us causes us to growl and bark out things like, “you don’t understand why I’m so hurt by this” or “how can you expect me to let that go?!” The audacity of someone thinking they can solve our “dearly beloved” problems is just too ridiculous…

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Use It to Go to God

We often look at people who have had successful or inspiring lives, and we might want to be like them. However, we forget that those lives didn’t always start out successful or inspiring. While often marked by tragedy or pain, they persevered. It was not that the world showed them success, but that they were driven by something deeper.

Spiritual teacher Ram Dass once said…

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A Resurrected Spirit

Long ago, before the time of power-propelled vessels, a sailing ship was stuck off the coast of South America, because there was no wind to fill its sails. Week after week went by with no wind. The ship did not move, and the sailors were dying of thirst.

One day, a schooner drifted by just close enough to read their frantic signals for help. The schooner answered back, “Let down your buckets.” When they did, they found …

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God is the strength in which I trust

I was watching an episode of the BBC’s nature series Frozen Planet which featured an amazing little creature called the Arctic Woolly Bear Caterpillar. This little fellow has a very interesting life-cycle. He begins eating voraciously as soon as spring begins in the Arctic, when there is finally vegetation to consume. Because of this short season, he will not consume enough to complete his metamorphosis by the time the ground freezes once again. So, the Woolly Bear does an astonishing thing…

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Join Lessons in Light

Because of the current world situation, you may be feeling a sense of isolation, and we want to help. In our weekly meetings, we are currently in our Lessons in Light series, which follows the forty days (traditionally known as Lent) leading up to Easter. This series is about releasing our sacrificing thoughts and awakening to our power – that’s something we all need to focus on now.

With that in mind, we want to make this entire series available to our ACIM family as a gift. As always you can watch the meetings free every Wednesday at 7:05pm (Pacific Time), or you can watch at your convenience by subscription. We feel that all our current subscribers will want to join us in welcoming anyone who wants to view these meetings and experience the power and inspiration they bring. That is why we are providing a link that will lead you to the past three lessons, and, from here on out, we will archive for free the remaining meetings in the series. We hope you will be blessed by these gatherings and feel the power of joining together.

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The Cost of Grievances

Health experts have declared that we are in a worldwide pandemic. As serious as this sounds, and you should be taking precautions, fear does nothing to help. I know that fear is the natural knee-jerk reaction, but, as we are told in A Course in Miracles, fear only leaves us in a fog of illusions and now is the time for clarity and truth. With that said, we are not to deny our fearful thoughts but to clearly look at what is causing us concern and invite the Holy Spirit into those thoughts so they can be transformed into a miraculous awareness. As we are told in the Course…

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Show Your “Love”

Since 1978, our monthly donors have formed the backbone of our work, ensuring we are here for others into the future. Now, when you become a new Holy Helper with an ongoing, monthly commitment of $15 or more, we will send you this sturdy, chrome-plated metal license plate frame which proudly states, “Teach only love, for that is what you are.” This frame was exclusively designed and created by your Miracle Distribution Center family.

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