What the World Needs Now

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of”

These words from Jackie DeShannon’s 1965 hit song seem to be a needed message today. We definitely need an answer to a world in conflict, and A Course in Miracles responds with love — not a love to be given to us but a love to be fostered within us. . .

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A Prayer Wheel

In our day and age, we are faced with challenges that our forefathers never had. We have holes in the ozone layer, we have shrinking polar ice caps, and we have traffic! Whether it be on a freeway, interstate, highway, autobahn, or surface street, the word “gridlock” can strike fear and frustration into the heart of even the most hearty commuter. Is there any hope for peace as we drive the highways of “this world that is not our home?” Here’s a helpful, healing hint you might want to try…

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God Is My Strength

In the opening scene of the movie City of Angels, heart surgeon Maggie Rice (played by Meg Ryan) does everything she can to save the life of her patient only to “lose” him. She is devastated by this occurrence, since she “did everything right.” But in the surgery and in her devastation, she was never alone, for an angel named Seth (played by Nicholas Cage) was there. He was really there for the patient who was to die, but in the process he “touched” Maggie’s life…

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I Am Safe

Years ago, I saw a movie entitled Fly Away Home. It tells the autobiographical tale of a thirteen year old girl who is displaced from her home after the death of her mother. She ends up living with her father (whom she has not seen since she was three years old) in the pristine wilderness of eastern Canada. No matter how hard her father tries to make his home hers, the girl feels all alone…

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A Beautiful Day Indeed

People love to quote Rumi, Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi, and so many others, but I like to quote Fred Rogers. Known to many as Mr. Rogers, he said, or rather sang, everyday on his landmark children’s television series on PBS, “It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood, A beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Won’t you be my neighbor?” Mr. Rogers seemed to say it all in those simple phrases. . .

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The thought in the Center’s Miracle Prayer Ministry for July focuses on the powerful gift that God is always holding out to us: grace. As we read in Workbook lesson 168, “If you but knew the meaning of His Love, hope and despair would be impossible. For hope would be forever satisfied; despair of any kind unthinkable. His grace His answer is to all despair, for in it lies remembrance of His Love.” So many times in our lives, our pain and suffering seem too much to bear…

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Handling Criticism

No matter how kind or helpful we try to be, there are still those who may criticize us and our actions, motives, decisions, etc. It can be painful to experience criticism, and we may even become embittered by the attacks. Answering attack with attack never really works to make us feel better — although we may feel a temporary vindication in a subtle jab or two! There must be a better way to answer our critics than by attack…

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