New by Ken Wapnick

The long-awaited transcript of sixty-four hours of classes by Ken Wapnick on the Course’s text is now available. This book is not a line-by-line exegesis of the entire text. Rather, the material of each of the text’s thirty-one chapters is arranged symphonically by theme, the selected passages chosen to illustrate each theme.

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Thanksgiving E-cards

Just in time for Thanksgiving, we have created four new e-cards with the theme of gratitude. These free, full-color e-cards featuring an inspirational quote from A Course in Miracles are ready to send to that special someone.

Simply select a card, fill in the e-mail address, add your personal message, and click Send! It’s that easy and it’s FREE.

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The Light Has Come Song

We created a song for our 2014 Conference based on the conference theme, “The Light Has Come.” Sung to the tune of the English folk song, “The Water is Wide,” our conference song was performed throughout the weekend. We invite you to watch the video and sing along!

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Santana a student of the Course

carlos-santanaIn a recent article in Luxury Las Vegas magazine, rock and roll hall of famer Carlos Santana discussed his discovery of A Course in Miracles: “I was suffering from a deep depresssion like Sam Cooke, Donny Hathaway, and Marvin Gaye did, and I needed to crystallize my existence and go to the next level of consciousness. I needed to trust and surrender to my inner voice that said, ‘Let go of everything that you love. Release it to me now because I have something that is very heavy to give you and you’ll need both hands to hold it.’” “I was like, ‘Yeah but,’ and the voice said, ‘There is no yeah but. You are ten seconds from taking your own life. Isn’t it enough that I am sitting here next to you?’ I went from feeling like my heart had been opened and hot coals had been put inside, to crying my eyes out that the Supreme Holy Spirit was talking to me.” “I called Marianne Williamson who I hadn’t yet met, and told her I was going through the darkest night of my soul and could she direct me to someone who could help me in the Bay area. As soon as I talked with Diane and Jerry Jampolsky it was clear they were ‘assigned and designed,’ as Miles Davis would say, to assist me in my transformation. I made a gentle commitment to inner practices and I became a student of A Course in Miracles.” Carlos has now added A Course in Miracles to his website. On the page entitled, “What’s On Carlos’ Mind,” a photo of the Course is displayed which, when clicked, leads directly to our website. We’re happy to be welcoming many inquisitive friends of Carlos to our work on behalf of the Course.


Holy Encounter Retreat in 2015

We’re happy to announce that we will be bringing back our popular Holy Encounter Retreat on February 13–15, 2015. Spend this unique weekend reflecting on A Course in Miracles and the true meaning of love. Our new setting will be a breathtaking place of contemplation, with meditation sites, footpaths, fountains, hot tubs, a sauna, and secluded sitting areas. The weekend will include six abundant, organic, chef-prepared meals, with many of the ingredients coming from the onsite garden, and luxurious accommodations. Space will be very limited, so we suggest making your reservation soon. Find the details here.