Payment Plans for Retreat

Now is the perfect time to reserve your place at our 2018 Holy Encounter Retreat. To celebrate our Center’s 40th anniversary, we are implementing a year of more in-depth study and experience of A Course in Miracles. And, this is exactly what our Holy Encounter Retreats provide. If you are ready for a transforming experience, we encourage you to join us. Space is limited and some room types will sell out. Our convenient payment plan allows you to make a deposit of $99 now to reserve your room. Low monthly payments throughout the year will complete your registration.

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Adventures in Spiritual Cooking

I love cooking with a crock-pot –- they are simply amazing! You can cook a delicious, complete meal all in one pot, as long as you plan for the time. The key is slow cooking. And I mean slow. I remember finding a crock-pot recipe for scalloped potatoes (which usually takes about 45 minutes in the oven) but this recipe called for ten hours! I needed the space in my oven to cook something else, so I decided to give it a try…

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Holy Encounter Weekend in Chicago

Our Holy Encounter Weekends are designed to give people an opportunity to go deeper into the life-changing principles of A Course in Miracles. Lectures, discussions, group activities, meditations and music all combine to bring not just an understanding of the Course, but also an experience of it. We have been presenting these popular weekends across the country in answer to students’ desires for a more everyday understanding of the Course, and no one is better at simplifying the complex with humor and practicality than Beverly! A Friday evening joining will set the tone for the all-day Saturday holy encounter. We hope you will join us.

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2017 Conference Recordings

“Thanks for making this powerful event possible!” This was the comment we heard over and over again about MDC’s International ACIM Conference this past weekend in Southern California. Because we made the commitment to live stream this event, more Course students had the opportunity to join us from around the world. This process is expensive and technically challenging, but we believe the message is worth it; and, from those who have already responded, we see we made the right choice! If you missed this transformative weekend filled with insightful presentations, we are offering two ways you can still join in: Live stream video archives and audio recordings.

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Poetry and Notes to Myself

In this new book you will travel with Jerry Jampolsky into the most intimate of his internal journeys. We move with him from militant atheism through an awakening by direct experience. Detailed accounts of his spiritual transformation are chronicled through his never before seen poetry and notes to himself from the early years when the unpublished manuscript of A Course in Miracles was placed in his hands and, in that moment of Divine Grace, his life changed forever. A treasure trove of wisdom and insight, these diary entries and poems give us a precious gift from this pioneer in spiritual evolution as he, once again, helps guide us forward via the turf of his own soul.

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Train-ing Day

Our son, Jeff, grew up loving trains. As a little boy, he would say he wanted to be an engineer when he grew up. What he meant was he wanted to be the guy who drove the trains. He still wants to be an engineer, but now that means he wants to be the person who creates and builds structures. I think that’s a better job path. But, he still likes trains. Trains were and will always be a big part of our lives, and I vividly remember a family train ride we took to Los Angeles when Jeffrey was about four years old…

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Just Added: Jerry and Diane

We are delighted to announce the addition of Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione-Jampolsky to the list of distinguished presenters at our 2017 International Conference on A Course in Miracles. This dynamic couple has brought the message of the Course to more than sixty countries. They will join us August 19th and 20th to debut Jerry’s newest book, Poetry and Notes to Myself: My Ups and Downs with A Course in Miracles.

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Watching Clouds

Do you ever watch the clouds? I haven’t enjoyed simply watching the clouds since I was a girl growing up in Oregon. I remember sleepy summer days when I would spend hours just looking up at the sky watching the clouds. Nowadays, I am rushing from one thing to another, my mind filled with the needs of MDC, my family and a multitude “important” issues that fill my thoughts. But today I took a moment and looked up toward the heavens to watch the clouds…

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No Idea of the Complexity

In late 2014 we first envisioned a daily lesson email service that would automatically send a Course workbook lesson each morning. It was important to us that the lesson could be unique to each person. In other words, one person might be on lesson number 20 that particular day, and another might be on lesson 360. This meant that each day thousands of recipients would be sent one of 365 lessons (a lesson number of their choosing), at various times, to 24 time zones…

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