2015 Conference Recordings

Recordings from the 2015 Conference are now available in both CD and mp3 formats. Select from individual presentations by Beverly Hutchinson McNeff, Jon Mundy, Carol Howe, Richard Smoley, Marianne Williamson, Tamara Morgan, and Jacob Glass, or purchase the entire set in an album.

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Weekend in Florida

Our next Holy Encounter Weekend will take place in St. Petersburg, Florida on April 8 and 9, 2016. We have been presenting these popular weekends across the country in answer to students’ desires for a more everyday understanding of the Course. We hope you will join us!

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Just Added: Marianne Williamson

We are thrilled to announce that Marianne Williamson will also be presenting at our 2015 Conference, as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of A Course in Miracles. She will join the rest of our distinguished panel including Beverly Hutchinson McNeff, Jacob Glass, Carol Howe, Tamara Morgan, Jon Mundy, Richard Smoley, and Paul McNeff.

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Now in Living Color

theThe NBC television network began using the slogan “Presented in living color” in 1953. Now we (MDC) are pleased to present the printed edition of The Holy Encounter in living color, for the first time!

Recent advances in digital printing allow us to print in full color for the same cost as printing in two colors. We hope you enjoy the new look.

As always, our publication is supported by your generous gifts. Without your support it cannot continue.

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Inner Christianity and ACIM

smoleyPossibly the most powerful connection between the New Age and esoteric Christianity lies in an enigmatic work known as A Course in Miracles. The Course, as its devotees call it, is one of the most curious phenomena of recent times. It is a channeled work, which means that the woman who wrote it down, a New York psychologist named Helen Schucman, did not claim to have originated it but believed it was transmitted telepathically to her — in this case, from an inner voice claiming to be that of Jesus Christ…continue


Tamara Morgan – Born Off Course

TamaraMorganTo many of you, I can be referenced as the daughter of Judith Skutch Whitson. As “the ego lives by comparisons,” to some, I was born of a saint… Hail my Holy Mother who published and disseminated A Course in Miracles to the world! To others, it seems I am spawn of the devil, vociferated particularly online by some very strong perceptions and projections of course with intent to shed light. For myself, it has mostly been an absolute joy and blessing to have been born to this very human woman who was given the function of publishing A Course in Miracles forty years ago…continue


Become a Holy Helper Today

affirmation cardsThis set of 12 Affirmation Cards is being offered exclusively to our 2015 Holy Helpers as a gift of appreciation for their ongoing support. Each 3 1/2″ by 5 1/2″ card features an inspiring affirmation from the Course. On the flipside is a prayer to recite throughout the day. Please consider becoming a Holy Helper today.

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