Just Added: Jerry and Diane

We are delighted to announce the addition of Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione-Jampolsky to the list of distinguished presenters at our 2017 International Conference on A Course in Miracles. This dynamic couple has brought the message of the Course to more than sixty countries. They will join us August 19th and 20th to debut Jerry’s newest book, Poetry and Notes to Myself: My Ups and Downs with A Course in Miracles.

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Watching Clouds

Do you ever watch the clouds? I haven’t enjoyed simply watching the clouds since I was a girl growing up in Oregon. I remember sleepy summer days when I would spend hours just looking up at the sky watching the clouds. Nowadays, I am rushing from one thing to another, my mind filled with the needs of MDC, my family and a multitude “important” issues that fill my thoughts. But today I took a moment and looked up toward the heavens to watch the clouds…

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No Idea of the Complexity

In late 2014 we first envisioned a daily lesson email service that would automatically send a Course workbook lesson each morning. It was important to us that the lesson could be unique to each person. In other words, one person might be on lesson number 20 that particular day, and another might be on lesson 360. This meant that each day thousands of recipients would be sent one of 365 lessons (a lesson number of their choosing), at various times, to 24 time zones…

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God Is Here

An elderly couple were driving in their old car which had a bench seat (not the bucket seats that so many new cars have.) They passed by a younger couple who were walking hand-in-hand, showing great affection for each other. The wife turned to her husband and said, “Why aren’t we more like them?” To that the husband replied…

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New Book on Biblical Citations


A Course in Miracles is littered with citations and references from the Bible which reflect the knowledge and familiarity of the “Author” (Jesus) with the Scriptures and His use of Biblical passages and references as natural extensions to His vocabulary. This book is a compilation of such Bible references and citations with the corresponding snippets of teachings and topics from the Course where the citations or references were derived from.

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Discovered Only by Its Effects

In the scientific community, it’s a big deal when new planets are discovered. You may have recently heard about seven new, earth-like planets way, way out in space that were located by one of NASA’s telescopes. But, did you know that last year a new planet in our own solar system was discovered only by its effects? That’s right! Scientists know the planet is there by its effects, even though they can’t see it. Experienced, but not seen – it sounds sort of like the power of love. We can’t measure love under a microscope or draw a picture of it, but we can feel its effects, and we know it is there . . .

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Musical Artists Added

Revelatory Events

We are delighted to announce the addition of Bettman and Halpin as musical guests at our 2017 International Conference in August. Stephanie Bettman and Luke Halpin are Americana/folk artists who perform across the country. Interspersed between their songs and instrumentals, they tell stories. Stephanie attended our Holy Encounter Retreat in February and captivated the audience with an a cappella rendition of one of her songs.

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New: Revelatory Events

Revelatory Events
Professor Ann Taves looks at Mormonism, Alcoholics Anonymous, and A Course in Miracles — three cases in which insiders claimed that a spiritual presence guided the emergence of a new spiritual path. In each case, Taves argues, the sense of a guiding presence emerged through a complex, creative interaction between a founding figure with unusual mental abilities and an initial set of collaborators who were drawn into the process by diverse motives of their own. Revelatory Events provides fresh insights into what is perhaps the bedrock of all religious belief — the claim that otherworldly powers are active in human affairs.

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