52 Ways to Live the Course


New from Karen Casey: 52 Ways to Live the Course in Miracles takes readers on a journey through simple ideas and affirmations for meditation. Casey not only offers an explanation of the ideas, but also shares her own experiences with them — stumbles and all — offering proof of how helpful and practical they really are and showing that the goal isn’t perfection, but rather progress toward creating a life of love and peace. Karen will be a presenter at our 2017 Conference on A Course in Miracles in August.

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Charitable Bequest Video

Through wills and trusts, supporters of our Center are able to have a lasting impact on the dissemination of the principles of A Course in Miracles. Watch our new video to see how you can become a member of our Legacy Community by adding Miracle Distribution Center to your estate plans.

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Jerry and Diane: Aging with Attitude


Written by bestselling authors Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D., and Diane Cirincione, Ph.D, this book will change your mind about aging. It offers inspiring new perceptions for living the second half of your life with inner peace, happiness, and tranquility, regardless of what may be happening to your body and mind. In these pages you’ll discover how your fears about aging are reversible, and how you can live in a consciousness of giving, making forgiveness and love a way of life.

Drawing from the principles of Attitudinal Healing and A Course in Miracles, this upbeat, positive book conveys simple but powerful guidelines for aging with grace, openness, and a childlike sense of wonder.

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2017 ACIM Wall Calendar


Our 2017 wall calendar features a beautiful full-color photo and a quotation from A Course in Miracles for each month of the year. Its large format, 12 inches by 12 inches, allows ample space to mark important dates. Quantity discounts are available to allow for gift purchases. Click the button below to learn more about the calendar and to see each month’s photo and quote.

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New ACIM Coloring Book


Let peace and contentment flow over you as you channel your inner artist with A Coloring Book Based on A Course in Miracles.

Embark on a spiritual journey with original artwork by renowned artist Andrea Smith. Each page is filled with whimsical cherubs, indigenous beauties, and magical landscapes that, while paired with insightful lessons from A Course in Miracles, draw you into a serene meditation as you color. The universal teachings of love and harmony that have been inspiring readers for over fifty years are perfectly paired with Andrea’s artistic message of world peace, a message she has been spreading through her artwork since the early 1980s.

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Bey, Jay, and the Course


Pop music’s reigning power couple, Beyonce and Jay Z, have been referencing a quote from A Course in Miracles in their songs and tweets. It began back in September of last year when Jay Z celebrated the one millionth subscriber to his new streaming music service in a tweet that began, “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.” Next came a mention of the quote in Bey’s song (from her new album, Lemonade), “All Night,” as the eleventh verse signals a shift in her album’s narrative to close on a note of forgiveness and reconciliation. Finally, earlier this year, Jay Z brought the reference back in his track, “Drug Dealers Anonymous,” which includes the lines, “I’m a course of miracles with this sh*t. Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”


Marianne Baccalaureate Speech at USC


Marianne Williamson shared her wisdom in a baccalaureate speech in May to the graduates of the University of Southern California. Just as an acorn is programmed to grow into an oak tree, she argued that we are all programmed to become the best versions of ourselves. But we are also programmed, she said, to work toward the greatest good for society — not only for ourselves. “The universe wants you to actualize,” Williamson told the packed auditorium. “The universe does have your back and wants you to become your most glorious expression. But sometimes in becoming your most glorious expression, you will be confronted with choices.” She went on to urge graduates to choose love over profit, humility over pride and gratitude over entitlement.

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New Coach Credits Miracles

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Tim O’Toole, new assistant men’s basketball coach at the University of California, Berkeley, “begins most days, pen in hand, jotting down thoughts in a well-worn notebook. His inspiration comes from the pages of A Course in Miracles, a self-study curriculum aimed at centering its practitioners. The morning exercise helps remind O’Toole that miracles aren’t the awe-inspiring phenomena seen in movies. ‘The reality is, miracles occur every day in your life,’said O’Toole, 52. ‘It’s just whether or not you notice them. You get these kids, and they’re 18,’ O’Toole said. ‘They all have high aspirations. I use these books to share a meaning or parable that’ll help ease the burden of pushing to a higher point.’”


New Book Autographed by Marianne


Marianne Williamson’s newest book will be published on June 13th. In this powerful volume, Marianne explains that our desire to avoid pain is actually detrimental to our lives, disconnecting us from our deepest emotions and preventing true healing and spiritual transcendence. Healing and transcendence, however can only come when we finally face our pain and wrestle with what it has to teach us. Written with warm compassion and profound wisdom, Tears to Triumph offers us a powerful way forward through the pain, to a deeper awareness of our feelings, our lives, and our true selves. The book will be autographed by Marianne on a limited-edition bookplate.

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