Marianne Baccalaureate Speech at USC


Marianne Williamson shared her wisdom in a baccalaureate speech in May to the graduates of the University of Southern California. Just as an acorn is programmed to grow into an oak tree, she argued that we are all programmed to become the best versions of ourselves. But we are also programmed, she said, to work toward the greatest good for society — not only for ourselves. “The universe wants you to actualize,” Williamson told the packed auditorium. “The universe does have your back and wants you to become your most glorious expression. But sometimes in becoming your most glorious expression, you will be confronted with choices.” She went on to urge graduates to choose love over profit, humility over pride and gratitude over entitlement.

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New Coach Credits Miracles

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Tim O’Toole, new assistant men’s basketball coach at the University of California, Berkeley, “begins most days, pen in hand, jotting down thoughts in a well-worn notebook. His inspiration comes from the pages of A Course in Miracles, a self-study curriculum aimed at centering its practitioners. The morning exercise helps remind O’Toole that miracles aren’t the awe-inspiring phenomena seen in movies. ‘The reality is, miracles occur every day in your life,’said O’Toole, 52. ‘It’s just whether or not you notice them. You get these kids, and they’re 18,’ O’Toole said. ‘They all have high aspirations. I use these books to share a meaning or parable that’ll help ease the burden of pushing to a higher point.’”


New Book Autographed by Marianne


Marianne Williamson’s newest book will be published on June 13th. In this powerful volume, Marianne explains that our desire to avoid pain is actually detrimental to our lives, disconnecting us from our deepest emotions and preventing true healing and spiritual transcendence. Healing and transcendence, however can only come when we finally face our pain and wrestle with what it has to teach us. Written with warm compassion and profound wisdom, Tears to Triumph offers us a powerful way forward through the pain, to a deeper awareness of our feelings, our lives, and our true selves. The book will be autographed by Marianne on a limited-edition bookplate.

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Gift Annuities Video

Through a charitable gift annuity, donors are able to make a lasting gift to the Center and in return receive income for the rest of their lives. Annuitants also receive a lifetime subscription to The Holy Encounter and free admittance to any of the Center’s events. The paperwork for gift annuities is simple to complete and without cost to you. Watch our new video to see how easy it is to establish a gift annuity to help continue our outreach on behalf of A Course in Miracles and benefit yourself in retirement.

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Marianne Added to Presenter List


Author and lecturer Marianne Williamson has just been added to the list of presenters at the annual International Conference on A Course in Miracles on August 20th and 21st. She joins a distinguished panel who will address the audience in person in Southern California and around the world via live streaming video. Click the button below for all the details!

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Interview with John Viscount

Many of our readers were introduced to the work of John Viscount through his film, Admissions, which he presented at our conference in 2013. Now this innovative filmmaker is back with a new project, again inspired by his work with A Course in Miracles. We caught up with John to learn a little more about his new film, The Principle, and other projects. Read our interview with him, and watch a video about the film, by clicking the link below.

Interview with John Viscount


The Holy Instant – 30 Years

The Holy Instant
was released thirty years ago, in 1986, by Beverly Hutchinson McNeff and Steven Halpern. This recording’s calming, synthesized musical score forms the background for guided experiences from A Course in Miracles. Part one contains gentle exercises in forgiveness while the other features an extended guided meditation. Both parts can be especially useful during challenging times. Now, in celebration of its thirtieth anniversary, we are offering both the CD and mp3 versions at 50% off. Click to hear a sample of this inspirational recording.

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IRA Rollover Made Permanent

The IRA Rollover has been permanently reauthorized by Congress. Donors age 70½ and older can make cash gifts of up to $100,000 from an IRA to a qualified charity (such as our Center) without paying federal income tax on the transfer. IRA rollover gifts count towards your required minimum distribution amount (RMD). We hope you’ll take this opportunity to support our work on behalf of A Course in Miracles by making a gift from your IRA. For more information, click the button below.

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Retreat in February

We are thrilled to announce we will present The Holy Encounter Retreat in February 2017 in Southern California. Through lectures, meditation, group sharing, music, and laughter, you will be helped to see, and look beyond, the limitations of this world and experience the possibility of God in every aspect of your life.

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