Edgar Mitchell 1930-2016

Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell passed away on February 4th of this year. Dr. Mitchell was one of the first students of A Course in Miracles and gave talks on the Course in Florida in the early 1980s. The sixth human to walk on the moon, he had an “epiphany” in space that focused him on studying consciousness, physics and other mysteries. He founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences in 1973 to support consciousness research. He was a longtime friend of the Course’s publisher, Judith Skutch Whitson. Judy served on the board of directors of the Institute for many years.


Wapnick Books Out-of-Print

Since 1978, Dr. Kenneth Wapnick published more than thirty books based on A Course in Miracles. His publisher recently announced that when the current supply of books is sold, the titles will not be reprinted.

Take this opportunity to complete your library or gift list with Dr. Wapnick’s works in print. We carry every title he published. Please click the button below to see the collection.

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New: From the Lighthouse


This book is a keepsake anthology of articles by Kenneth and Gloria Wapnick which appeared over the years in their foundation’s newletter, The Lighthouse. The articles cover a wide range of topics, exploring both the world of A Course in Miracles as well as the world at large through the lens of the Course’s teachings on forgiveness. When taken together, as they are in this compendium, these writings provide a window into how Kenneth and Gloria Wapnick have seen A Course in Miracles as a spiritual path.

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Streaming Around the World

1443640079753-0c627hoh22k5-98921dc2c639039f9c0c1990fcec6308During the month of September, our weekly live streamed meetings welcomed viewers from all 50 U.S. states and 36 countries. We hope you’re joining us weekly for these presentations by Beverly Hutchinson McNeff as the group discusses how they are applying the Course’s principles to their daily lives. Tune in Wednesday evenings at 7pm PT / 10pm ET.

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New ACIM Cards

This new collection of more than 200 quotations from A Course in Miracles is the long-awaited sequel to the popular Wisdom from A Course in Miracles cards first introduced more than thirty-five years ago. You can pick a card as a thought for the day, pass them around as “dessert” cards after dinner, or include one in a note to a friend. Each card measures 2 1/2 by 3 3/4 inches. Packaged in an attractive box that can be used for display.

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2015 Conference Recordings

Recordings from the 2015 Conference are now available in both CD and mp3 formats. Select from individual presentations by Beverly Hutchinson McNeff, Jon Mundy, Carol Howe, Richard Smoley, Marianne Williamson, Tamara Morgan, and Jacob Glass, or purchase the entire set in an album.

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