Getting God’s Guidance

with Beverly Hutchinson McNeff

These new seminars are designed to deepen your understanding of A Course in Miracles and its transforming principles. Each day-long seminar will cover a different Course concept incorporating lecture, multimedia presentations, and more.

We’re all looking for guidance that will bring us a life of happiness, peace, and direction. We look everywhere. We open up fortune cookies, we study our astrological charts, and we ask psychics to gaze into our palms. We look and look outside of ourselves to find the purpose of our lives and the world when A Course in Miracles is offering us another plan.

In this workshop we will explore practical ways to experience the guidance we are seeking. In A Course in Miracles we are told that God’s Voice speaks to us all through the day, so let’s accept its assurance and follow the plan it sets forth for us.

I will bring my forty-two years of study and insight with A Course in Miracles to this seminar to help you unlock the answers you need to experience God’s guidance in every aspect of your life and relationships.

I hope you will join me with an open heart and a willing spirit to experience the miracles you are entitled to.

This six-hour seminar is available for on-demand viewing for $39.00 in four recorded sessions.

Getting God’s Guidance

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What Others Have Said About Beverly’s Teaching

“I read the Course every day, but there is something about the way Beverly explains the ideas of the Course that leaves me with such a sense of clarity, confidence, peace and even purpose. Thank you for all you do.”

What Others Have Said about Beverly’s Teaching

“I love the way Beverly applies the principles of the Course to the matters at hand and helps us to see the relevance.”

“Beverly is such a life-line for me. I have been a student of the Course for 20 years and have found it difficult to understand at times. She explains the concepts so well and in a manner that is easy for me to understand! I am so thankful.”

“Beverly has a joyful soul and a brilliant mind which delivers the Course in ways we can all relate to.”

“Beverly is God’s gift to us all.”

“I have never had Course concepts explained so well. Clearly, the Holy Spirit is on Beverly’s shoulder.”

“Beverly does a brilliant job of explaining the Course.”

“Thank you, thank you, Beverly, for your inspired words, and for being a vessel of the Holy Spirit.”

“Beverly’s wisdom and honesty is a blessing. She has an amazing way of always bringing the focus back to the essential message of the Course.”