Eternal Holiness Abides in Me

by Beverly Hutchinson McNeff

What better way to start the day than with a declaration of the truth,

“Eternal holiness abides in me.”

And yet, for many of us, it’s hard to say this statement with a straight face! After all, you say, “There were times when I was mean just for the sake of being mean, I withheld my forgiveness because I wanted to, I yelled at her because she yelled at me,” and the list goes on. With all of that going on inside of us, how in the world can we affirm, “Eternal holiness abides in me?”

But this lesson says,

“My holiness is far beyond my own ability to understand or know. Yet God, my Father, Who created it, acknowledges my holiness as His. Our Will, together, understands it.”

We are not holy for what we do or say; we are holy because God, our Source, created us holy.

From our limited perspective, it is hard for us at times to see any worth or value in ourselves or others. We run the gamut of emotions from joy to depression; we’re riding high one minute and down in the dumps the next. With our seemingly unstable nature, why in the world would God want to have anything to do with us? And yet we try to understand what is beyond our present understanding; we try to give God the same hard hearts we think we have. It is not that God looks at our lives and sees the mess we’ve made and then offers us pardon; He looks at us and sees only the holy, innocent child He created. And it is this vision He offers us.

God’s gifts are not conditional, nor are they ruled by any laws of this world. Your holiness is guaranteed by God.

“My holiness is not of me. It is not mine to be destroyed by sin. It is not mine to suffer from attack. Illusions can obscure it, but can not put out its radiance, nor dim its light. It stands forever perfect and untouched.”

Today, let us allow our holiness to shine forth. What does that mean? It means we are willing to allow God’s Love and Light to shine through us. We are willing to step back from our judgments and fears and affirm, “Eternal holiness abides in me. Eternal holiness abides in them.” We do not have to understand what this means or decide what the results should be. When we affirm our holiness, we are affirming healing for ourselves and everyone who walks with us in this world. We are allowing the clouds of sin and fear to be lifted so that we can remember our worth and our place in God’s Kingdom.

“Holiness is merely the result of letting the effects of sin be lifted, so what was always true is recognized.” (T-20.VII.4:3)


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Quotations from lesson 299 unless otherwise noted.