What Is Truly Essential

Dear Friends,

I recently received this email, and it got me thinking. It said… “I was just reading The Holy Encounter where you mentioned about essential workers and thought, ‘What else could be more essential or more needed than miracles right now? Could now be the time for a required course like A Course in Miracles?’ So, I am sending peace to you most essential workers on the front lines of healing!”

They are right, what could be more essential right now, with all that is going on in the world, than a miracle, and what simpler and more direct path to miracles than A Course in Miracles itself? So, we at Miracle Distribution Center (MDC) are honored to be your essential front-line workers of those healing miracles!

For the past forty-three years, we have been meeting the needs of Course students around the world, and it has been our honor and privilege to do so. We know this has been a challenging time for the world and for each one of you. It may seem overwhelming at times, but remember, no matter what the world shows you, you are entitled to miracles. You have the power to choose for love in every encounter, with the infinite help of the Holy Spirit. Our purpose at the Center continues to be a beacon of light and truth when darkness and illusions seem so pervasive.

When the world closed down because of the pandemic, our Center did not miss a step. We kept our truth-affirming services available to all who were seeking that connection and support. Many of you have reached out to share your experiences…

“I’ve been reading and hearing a lot of people talk about the things that helped people during the pandemic. I realized that for me it has definitely been MDC. You have been my anchor, my quiet center, remembering the truth for me at all times.”

The Holy Encounter is a beacon of light, and I want you to keep doing what you’re doing, particularly during such challenging times!”

“I lost my 46-year-old daughter from Covid, and I am in a lot of pain. It is almost a year now. I cannot tell you how much your e-articles bring me peace.”

Every communication touches me deeply. I know so many are blessed by the loving service of MDC. It takes more than most realize to maintain the Center’s multi-faceted, inventive programs. If you have been supported by the outreach of MDC, I hope you will use your financial gifts to support our ongoing work.

We all need to reach out in support of one another, for this is how we learn the fullness of who we are. In the world, this means using our financial gifts (and prayers) to support what we believe in. As we give to what we believe in, it becomes stronger in us. When you give to MDC, you become part of its life-giving energy. We can’t just hope someone else will step up; we all need to do our part. When each of us does a little, we can transform this planet.

I hope you will join me to keep MDC’s essential services available for everyone, now and into the future. Please take a moment to consider a one-time gift, an ongoing gift by becoming a Holy Helper (those who give monthly), or if you’re already a Holy Helper, consider increasing your current amount. Ongoing support is critical to allow the Center to plan for the future.

I want to leave you with a gift to support you in this chaotic world. Below you will see a vinyl cling with the powerful prayer from lessons 361-365 in the Course. It is to be affirmed for the last five days of the workbook’s lessons, so it is an important one. It tells us we are never alone and we always have Help.

I pray this gift will help you stay consistent and focused on the Help that is ever available to create miracles in your life.

Thank you again for your ongoing love and support. Please do not put this request aside, but rather take a moment right now to help MDC continue to make the practical, healing message of the Course relevant and available into the future. Your gift of any amount is appreciated.


Beverly Hutchinson McNeff

Make a Donation Now

P.S.: If you don’t have the free gift below (the beautiful vinyl cling we sent in our current donation appeal), you may request one when you donate. It’s the perfect way to remember this truth wherever you are!

  • Remove backing to apply cling to mirror, refrigerator, or window
  • Easily removable to put in different places
  • Crisp, earthy green color is 2022’s color of the year
  • Color represents regrowth in a post-pandemic world by mimicking nature’s resiliency