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This year marks a landmark in my life. It is my forty-fifth year of studying A Course in Miracles, and next year we will honor forty-five years in the life of Miracle Distribution Center. Over the years, many have asked what made my brother and me start the Center. I think most are waiting for a prophetic account, like a burning bush or a bolt of lightning, but it simply came from a desire to be truly helpful.

Back in those proverbial “old days” before the internet, there was no place to easily find A Course in Miracles. So, we made sure we had plenty of copies on hand. We also wanted to study the Course and have others join us in the process, which led to the study group coordination and listings, which led to conferences, which led to livestreams…and the list goes on.

To this day, we continue to meet needs and be truly helpful. The way we accomplish this today looks different than it did forty-five years ago, but it still is the essence of our work. In some ways, as I look back and forward, I see that the work of the Center may not have come in a burning bush or a bolt of lightning, but it was clearly the essence of what the Course asks us to do: to be here only to be truly helpful.

I am so honored that you have joined with the Center and me on this journey. Some of you have been a part of this family since we opened our doors in 1978, and for that, I am truly grateful. I have tearfully read your miraculous stories and been humbled by how the Course has healed the countless lives drawn to the work of the Center; it has been nothing short of a miracle!

Each year at this time, I reach out to you, our wonderful supporters, and ask you to help me keep the message of the Course available to students around the world by being truly helpful to the work of the Center. I pray you will turn within and follow your heart to support the Center’s continuing service to the world.

In our busy lives, it is often easy to take for granted a place that has been around for nearly forty-five years. In this fast-moving and changing world, and with all that has occurred in the last few years, many organizations have closed their doors. Often, we only realize their value after they are gone.

It takes more work than most realize to maintain the Center’s multi-faceted programs. If the outreach of MDC has supported you, I hope you will use your financial gifts to support our ongoing work.

We all need to reach out in support of one another, for through that process, we learn the fullness of who we are. In the world, this means using our financial gifts to support what we believe in. As we give to what we believe in, it becomes stronger in us. When you give to MDC, you become part of its life-giving energy. We can’t just hope someone else will step up; we need to do our part. When each of us does a little, we can move mountains.

I hope you will join me to keep MDC’s free services available for everyone, now and into the future. Please take a moment to consider a one-time gift or an ongoing gift by becoming a Holy Helper (those who give monthly to the Center), or if you’re already a Holy Helper, consider increasing your current monthly gift. Ongoing support is critical to allow the Center to plan for the future.

In thanks to your ongoing presence in our lives, we want you to feel the empowering truth that the Course brings to your life through the quotes I have chosen for this table tent. These two quotes are part of my “problem-solving repertoire.” (W-194) They both represent the awareness of what we truly are, our connection, and the power this recognition gives us to bring salvation to this world and our lives. This tent is enclosed in the donation appeal letter you should have already received. If you did not receive one, you can request it below. I hope this gift blesses you.

Thank you again for your ongoing love and support. I hope you will not put this letter aside but rather take a moment right now to help MDC continue to make the practical, healing message of the Course relevant and available into the future. Your gift of any amount is appreciated; all expressions of love are maximal. Thank you.


Beverly Hutchinson McNeff

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P.S.: If you don’t have the free gift above (the inspiring table tent we sent in our current donation appeal), you may request one when you donate. It’s the perfect way to remember these truths everyday!