Take the Challenge

Dear Miracle Worker,

There are many issues facing us in this world right now, and whether we call them illusions or not, they do affect us. We need to ask ourselves: Do we choose to join with our weakness or the strength of Christ in us? “For He has come, and He is asking this.” (T-31.VIII.1)

As A Course in Miracles challenges us,

“Choose once again if you would take your place among the saviors of the world, or would remain in hell, and hold your brothers there.” (ibid)

Since 1978, Miracle Distribution Center (MDC) has been calling to all Course students to join us in the great awakening, and now is the time. When we look at the rise of divisive talk, hate crimes, mass shootings, and the intensity of climate change, some students maintain it is all an illusion and, therefore, to be ignored. It IS an illusion, but it is an illusion we believe in; therefore, miracle workers are needed now. It is time we answer Christ’s call to choose once again to become the saviors He is calling for. Each day, when you make a commitment to join your mind with Christ to ask…

“What would You have me do?
Where would You have me go?
What would You have me say, and to whom?” (W-71.9)

…you answer His call. Be assured that He will use you because hell is not His Will for His Beloved Child.

It was 45 years ago that MDC made a commitment to answer His call, and scores of you have been joining with us for many of those years, and I am grateful. But the number of years does not matter because today, right now, is our time to recommit to salvation.

I am reaching out to you today to ask that you once again recommit to this path by supporting us with your tax-deductible donations during our 45th anniversary celebration of being “truly helpful.” This is not a time for us to be afraid; it is the time for us to look at feelings of attack, anger, violence, and what only seems overwhelming and say, “I am as God created me,” not what I have made of myself.

I know you will need support because we all need to know we are in a community that remembers the truth for us when we forget. The Center stands strong with you through all its popular, free services. From The Holy Encounter magazine, weekly email inspiration, free weekly livestream meetings (with viewers in 70% of the world’s countries!), prayer ministry, interactive website, and daily lesson emails and texts, to name just a few of our services, we can support you because we have been here for 45 years doing just that!

I have read your letters, prayed with you in your needs, and stood strong with you when the world was in crisis. We can handle whatever comes because we are not alone. Not only is Christ with us always, but because you and I have joined and entered a holy relationship where our goal is peace and healing, we cannot fail because God cannot fail.

Please join me in keeping MDC’s free services and commitment to join you in healing available for everyone, now and into the future. Take a moment right now to consider a one-time gift or an ongoing gift by becoming a Holy Helper (those who give monthly to the Center), or if you’re already a Holy Helper, consider increasing your current monthly gift. Ongoing support is critical to allow the Center to plan for the future.

Many of you reach out daily through your ongoing love and support, and I am grateful for that. But, I hope you will not put this letter aside and instead take a moment right now to ask how you can be truly helpful to MDC so we can continue to make the practical, healing message of the Course relevant and available into the future. Your gift of any amount is appreciated; all expressions of love are maximal.

To thank you for your willingness to ask within right now, I want to share with you the confidence that God has for all of us in our great awakening. We have created a door hanger which features two powerful passages pointing to His faith. If you did not receive a postal mailing with this door hanger included, you may request one when you make your donation. I hope you will hang it where you can see it and turn it often as a reminder of how much your Father loves you and is always calling you and guiding you as we journey home through His open door.

“God’s plan for your salvation cannot change, nor can it fail. Be thankful it remains exactly as He planned it. Changelessly it stands before you like an open door, with warmth and welcome calling from beyond the doorway, bidding you to enter in and make yourself at home, where you belong.” (W-122.5)

Thank you, Miracle Worker, for your willingness to take the challenge to join and heal together with me. I am truly grateful.


Beverly Hutchinson McNeff

Make a Donation Now

P.S.: If you did not receive the free gift above — the colorful door hanger we sent in our current donation appeal — you may request one when you donate. It’s the perfect way to remember these truths everyday!