Dear Friends…

Beverly Hutchinson McNeff

It has been over forty years since I first opened A Course in Miracles and felt that I was holding a book that had the answers to every question I didn’t even know I had. This knowing has never wavered. I found a home in the Course that met my needs then, and continues to awaken my heart now. As I read again sections in the Course I have read many, many times before, I am taken deeper into my heart. I can so clearly see its wisdom and its practical answers to a world so desperately in need of peace.

Whether you have been on this path for a while, or are new to it, you have felt this as well. The Course came to us because we are experiencing a “celestial speed-up,” and teachers of God are needed now more than ever before. A teacher of God does not teach in the usual sense but demonstrates the truth to everyone he encounters.

I am so honored that you have joined with me and Miracle Distribution Center on this journey. Some of you have been a part of this family ever since we opened our doors in 1978, and for that I am truly grateful. I have tearfully read your miraculous stories and been humbled by how the Course has healed the countless lives drawn to the work of the Center; it has been nothing short of a miracle!

Each year at this time I reach out to you, our wonderful supporters, and ask you to help me keep the message of the Course available to students around the world through our work. I pray you will turn within and follow your heart in support of the Center’s continuing service to the world.

In our busy lives, it is often easy to take for granted a place that has been around for over forty years, thinking it will always be here. This fast-moving, technological age has led to many organizations closing their doors, and we only realize their value after they are gone. I know so many of you have been blessed by the dedicated and loving service of MDC.

It takes more work than most realize to maintain the Center’s multi-faceted and inventive programs. If you have been supported by the outreach of MDC, I hope you will use your financial gifts to support our ongoing work.

We all need to reach out in support of one another, for through that process we learn the fullness of who we are. In the world, this means using our financial gifts (and prayers) to support what we believe in. As we give to what we believe in, it becomes stronger in us. When you give to MDC you become part of its life-giving energy. We can’t just hope someone else will step up; we all need to do our part. When each of us does a little, we can move mountains.

I hope you will join with me to keep MDC’s essential services available for everyone, now and into the future. Please take a moment to consider a one-time gift, or an ongoing gift by becoming a Holy Helper (those who give monthly to the Center), or if you’re already a Holy Helper, consider increasing your current monthly gift. Ongoing support is critical to allow the Center to plan for the future.

Those of you on our postal mailing list were sent a “table tent” that can be folded together to keep the Course’s assurance of the miracles you are entitled to, close to you. I have chosen these two quotes because they have been so inspiring to me as of late. I hope they will inspire and empower you. Let me know how they touch you; I love hearing about your miracles.

Thank you again for your ongoing love and support. I hope you will not put this letter aside, but rather take a moment right now to help MDC continue to make the practical, healing message of the Course relevant and available into the future. Your gift of any amount is appreciated; all expressions of love are maximal.


Beverly Hutchinson McNeff

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P.S.: If you don’t have the free gift below (the beautiful table tent we sent in our current donation appeal), make sure you request one! It’s the perfect way to remember this truth wherever you are!

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