May Miracles Be Seen in 2014

by Beverly Hutchinson McNeff
Beverly Hutchinson McNeff

As we move into a new year, may we focus on seeing the miracles that are all around us. A Course in Miracles tells us that miracles are natural and that when they do not occur, something has gone wrong. The “gone wrong” part is our focus. It’s time we make miracles our focus, and why not begin this New Year? May miracles be seen in 2014! May this be the year we look at the blocks to love’s presence and move past them to the love that is always present.

With this dedication in mind we’ll be sharing various ways readers have focused on miracles to make them seen in their lives. If you have a tip to share as to how you have refocused your attention this year, please send it to us.

Let me start by sharing a situation that helped me. One time I was standing on a beach on the north shore of Oahu. If you’re familiar with the north shore, then you know its waves can be HUGE. It’s amazing to watch their incredible dance. I was so taken by all this that I took out my camera to take a video. As I began taking a video of the mighty waves, a speck of water hit the camera lens, and my camera decided to have a mind of its own and focus on the speck instead of the wave. I refocused the camera manually, which worked until the camera again decided to go back to focusing on the speck of water sitting on the lens. It became almost laughable as I tried to take a video of what I wanted, while my camera did what it wanted instead!

It reminded me of how we often focus on the speck instead of the big picture, and in doing so we miss the miracle that is present right now. What speck have you been focusing on? It is costing you a miracle, so let’s not delay our healing. Now is the time for miracles! Join us in affirming: May miracles be seen in 2014!

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