Your Peace is with Me, Father. I Am Safe.

by Beverly Hutchinson McNeff

Years ago, I saw a movie entitled Fly Away Home. It tells the autobiographical tale of a thirteen-year-old girl who is displaced from her home after the death of her mother. She ends up living with her father (whom she has not seen since she was three years old) in the pristine wilderness of eastern Canada. No matter how hard her father tries to make his home hers, the girl feels all alone.

The land where the girl and her father live is much like a wetland for geese, but progress is encroaching. One morning, bulldozers destroy a part of the wetlands before they can be stopped. Exploring the area later, the girl finds fifteen goose eggs lying homeless in the mud and debris. She takes them back home and makes a new home for them.

You can probably imagine the rest: The geese hatch and attach themselves to the little girl as if she were their mother. The rest of the movie is about the little girl’s growth and adventurous experience with her father to reunite the geese with their true nature.

The movie is not only an inspiring example of what the human spirit can accomplish, but it shows us a spiritual truth: what we give, we receive. The little girl felt lonely and parent-less, so she became a friend and parent to the newly hatched geese. She felt homeless, so she gave the geese a home and helped them to find, in the end, their true home. Without understanding the dynamic, this little girl gave what it was she needed to experience. As she offered healing, she was healed.

That is the basic idea behind this workbook lesson. We are told that the only way to experience God’s peace and to feel His safety, is to extend it to all the world. “And so we go in peace. To all the world we give the message that we have received. And thus we come to hear the Voice for God…Whose Love we recognize because we share the Word that He has given unto us.”

We are asked to be God’s messengers. It is not so much a verbal or written message that we give, it is a message of the heart, a message of compassion. We do not have to be concerned about how or where the message will be given, for God is there to share that message through us

“Where I go, Your peace goes there with me. It sheds its light on everyone I meet. I bring it to the desolate and lonely and afraid. I give Your peace to those who suffer pain, or grieve for loss, or think they are bereft of hope and happiness. Send them to me, my Father. Let me bring Your peace with me.”

There is no doubt that there are many who feel “bereft of hope and happiness” in this world — perhaps you know of someone in your life right now. It is the perfect time to offer God’s peace and safety to them, so that, as this lesson says, “I may come to recognize my Self.”

Above quotations from A Course in Miracles lesson 245.

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