Welcome Letter

Dear Friend,

Beverly McNeff


If you are on this page, you are probably new to Miracle Distribution Center, or to A Course in Miracles, . . . or both. As founder of the Center and a student of A Course in Miracles since 1977, I welcome you to our organization and to the healing journey that the Course provides.

The power of A Course in Miracles is not found in the mastery of its theology but in an experience. As the Course itself says, “A universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary. It is this experience toward which this course is directed.”

The Course is not a dogma or a religion. It has been called a course in spiritual psychotherapy. This means you are not asked to give up anything in this world but rather allow all your thoughts about your life and the world to be bathed in love. Jesus said it best when he advised us to be “in the world but not of the world” … and to let a loving awareness go before us in all our daily activities.

I have these words from Mother Teresa hanging in my home:

“We are not asked to do great things; only small things with great love.”

Whenever I read this, I say a silent “Yes!”

Great love is what will transform this world. And that is why I am grateful that you have found us. Through your interest and access of our site, you give us an opportunity to serve. Our Center is here to offer you our love and support as you journey through the Course.

If you are just starting the Course, you might find this article of help. On that page you may also listen to an audio overview of the Course. I then encourage you to browse through the archives of our publication The Holy Encounter, which offers practical articles on how to apply the Course to your daily living. You can also subscribe to this free publication, so you will receive your own copy bi-monthly.

You might want to become a weekly viewer of our ACIM Livestream or search for a study group in your area.

We have an online bookstore to support your study, and an interactive A Course in Miracles Online Edition which enables you to search through the entire book and find the passages you desire.

These are just a few suggestions for those who are new to the Course and our site, but I encourage you to surf around and see what blesses you, for example The Miracle Prayer Ministry, Prison Project, Retreats, etc.

I hope you find our site helpful. Please contact us, if we can be of further support.

I am honored to be walking this path with you.


Beverly Hutchinson McNeff