The Magic Kiss

by Beverly Hutchinson McNeff

We all know that “magic kiss.” No, it’s not the one that wakes Sleeping Beauty. It’s the one every parent gives a child to take away the pain of a fall or scrape. For some mysterious reason when a parent gives that magic kiss and says, “let me kiss it and make it better,” the history of the hurt begins to heal. There is no worldly reason for it working. I’m sure scientists could study its miraculous power for years to no avail. It doesn’t work because of the world, it works in spite of the world.

You have guessed it by now, the magic is not the kiss; it is the healing power that the kiss represents. The kiss says, “I love you. I don’t need to know what happened — the rights or wrongs — I simply love you. You can rest in my arms for a moment from the pains of the world. You are safe.”

I remember a time when my son Jeffrey was about three years old. He took a tumble — just the beginning of many tumbles to come. One minute he was running on the sidewalk and the next he was flat on his face crying. Even though he was just a few feet in front of me, I really didn’t know what happened. Knowing the “whys” and “hows” of his fall really wasn’t all that important. I knew what he needed right then — that magic kiss.

As we cleaned up the scratches on his nose, hand, and knee, each spot was given that magic kiss. A winning smile appeared on the face that just a moment before had tears streaming down it. After a quick hug, he was off to explore again this world of thrills and spills. But I knew that in the back of his mind there was a place where he knew he was loved, where he could rest from the world when he needed to, where he was safe.

We have a place like that in our own minds when we get thrown around by the adventures of the world. It is a place of safety and strength. It is a place where we can rest for a while from the activity of the world that sometimes seems overwhelming, scary or hurtful. A Course in Miracles tells us:

“There is a place in you where there is perfect peace. There is a place in you where nothing is impossible. There is a place in you where the strength of God abides.”(W.pI.47.7:4)

In that place, God does not care who is right or wrong. He keeps no scorecard. He has no desire to punish or admonish you. He only wants to love you — to have you know you are His beloved child in whom He is well pleased. It is God’s way of giving you a “magic kiss,” the reminder of His boundless love for you.

And, in exchange for all of this, what does God want of us? Nothing, really. Perhaps just the same thing any parent would want for their child — that the child be happy, at peace, and safe. You know how to do that, right? Well, if as a student of A Course in Miracles you don’t know by now, let me share this thought from the Course’s workbook lesson 68:

“Love holds no grievances. When I let all my grievances go I will know I am perfectly safe.”

This thought is stated many times in the Course in many different ways, but the point is always the same. We will never know God’s love for us, His safety, and joy as long as we hold grievances — unhealed thoughts about anyone (including ourselves).

We all have grievances, whether they be little irritations or intense feelings of rage. Does that make us “bad” or failed as Course students? Not at all. Is a child bad when he falls down? Of course not. They are learning and so are we. We are learning about ourselves or should I say re-learning. The goal of the Course is not that we have no grievances or “…thoughts that are not pure. But it does require that you have none that you would keep.” (T-15.IV.9:1) We are asked to let God’s healing love into our fears and attacks, so the healing process can begin and be accomplished.

So the next time fear, anger, and those little grievances trip you up, remember, it’s okay. Don’t sit crying in your pain, allow God’s love in. His “magic kiss” will make it better.

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