Tag, You’re It!

by Beverly Hutchinson McNeff

I watched the Golden Globes the other night. Usually these award shows are a mix of boring speeches, crazy fashion, and shows I’ve never heard of. This year, however, it seemed to have a very cohesive message of self-empowerment and kindness. One speech really stuck out to me. It was delivered by Jeff Bridges, who received the Cecil B. DeMille Award from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for “outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment.” Bridges’ career spans over sixty years, having appeared in his first movie at age two, and then on his father’s television show, “Sea Hunt.”

I’ve always enjoyed Bridges as an actor, but that night I was really struck by what he said. Some critics and attendees thought he was rambling in his speech, but for many his words were profound. He told a story about walking into his director’s office the day before the movie he was to start shooting and saying to the director that he wasn’t feeling the part – he felt too inadequate to play the role. He told the director he had made a mistake putting him in the part and to please fire him and get someone worthy. The director replied, “Jeff, do you know the game ‘tag’?” Bridges said, “Yeah.” The director replied, “Well, tag you’re it. You are this guy. You couldn’t make a mistake if you tried.”

Bridges said that really made sense to him, not only for the character in the movie, but for every other movie he did and for his life in general. He went on to explain that we have all been tagged. We are all here right now to play the part we have been handed – our lives – and no one can play your part better than you.

This is a great lesson for us right now in our lives. As we begin this New Year, it is easy to feel unsure or hesitant about what to do or whether the choices we are making will help or make a difference, but we are told in the Course, “I am as God created me.” We are not a mistake or incapable, we are as God created us. It is time we stop listening to the shouts as well as the subtle whispers of the ego that say we are incomplete or incapable. This is our part, we are the perfect one to play this role, and we have been tagged to be it – and that is a good thing! As the Course tells us, we are the answer we have been seeking. It says…

…you are the Will of God
…you are the treasure of God
…you are the work of God
…you are the Kingdom of Heaven
…you are the light of the world
…you are the co-creator of all things that live
…you are the Son He [God] loves
…you are the holy Son of God Himself.

As much as you think you can mess things up, you can’t. You are the will of God, you’ve got this. Now, we just need to get out of our own way and remember we have been tagged by God who has infinite faith in us. Let’s get out of our own way and let God’s Answer come shining in, in full awareness of the truth of who we are.

“The Holy Spirit is perfectly trustworthy, as you are. God Himself trusts you, and therefore your trustworthiness is beyond question. It will always remain beyond question, however much you may question it. I said before that you are the Will of God. His Will is not an idle wish, and your identification with His Will is not optional, since it is what you are. Sharing His Will with me is not really open to choice, though it may seem to be. The whole separation lies in this error. The only way out of the error is to decide that you do not have to decide anything. Everything has been given you by God’s decision. That is His Will, and you cannot undo it.” (T-7.X.6)

Tag, you’re it! It is time you have a miraculous New Year!

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