Our X-Ray Vision

by Beverly Hutchinson McNeff

When I was growing up, my brother and I read comic books. We read Superman, Batman, and even Archie. You may have done the same thing if you’re of my generation. Perhaps you recall that these comic books had advertisements in the back trying to sell you stuff like Sea Monkeys and x-ray vision glasses. Boy, does this take me back!

Of course, we sent in our quarters. The Sea Monkeys worked pretty well, but those x-ray glasses didn’t entirely give you the x-ray vision of Superman. You just looked sort of crazy when you put them on; maybe that was the point.

If you are an aficionado of Superman, you might recall that he not only had x-ray vision but also had a vision of compassion and service for the human race. Since he was from a planet far superior to Earth, he could have wielded great power over its inhabitants. Instead, he wanted to help humanity be better than its baser nature. He seemed to see something more in humans than they themselves did. His x-ray vision had a way of not just seeing through walls or people’s clothes (that was racy), but his x-ray vision saw into people’s souls.

A Course in Miracles asks us to use a sort of x-ray vision, if you will, when it says in workbook lesson 263, “My holy vision sees all things as pure.”

We are living in a very contentious time in our political and social history. Perhaps you are experiencing a form of conflict personally in your own life. With all that is going on, it may seem almost impossible to see the purity this lesson promises us. Let us not worry how God could possibly see that person or situation as pure; let us just realize He does. It is not up to us to figure out how God works; we just need to know that He does work.

With that said, He still needs us. God needs us to share His Vision or at least be willing to share His Vision. As this lesson tells us, God created all that is, and His Holy Spirit entered it, and God’s Love gave life to it, so it would be arrogant for us to look on His creations as if they can be made sinful. That does not mean we can’t be mistaken and need correction; after all, the Holy Spirit is often called in the Course “the Correction,” so we clearly need help. But, if we are seeing a sinful world, we are living in a madman’s dream. This is not worthy of us as creations of God.

Therefore, it is time we call upon a vision that can cut through the confusion, darkness, and fear and show us the world God is holding out for us. A world that shows us the extensions of love and the calls for love, thereby making love the natural and normal response to all our interactions.

Now, this is definitely a process. Even Superman, who was raised in a world that was not his home, had to learn how to fly and control his superhuman powers, but he succeeded, and so will we! Let us use our holy vision to look past the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence in those people and circumstances that make us afraid or angry. We still need to handle the things of the world, but we don’t need to make our brother or ourselves sinful and guilty in the process. That really is the secret to our x-ray vision: Seeing past the hateful acts to the calls for love that really is our unity.

So, join me in putting on your x-ray glasses and affirming, “My holy vision sees all things as pure.” I don’t know about you, but I feel a little more empowered. I think I’ll go put on my cape! 🙂

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