Keep Calm and Offer Miracles

In 1939, the British government produced the motivational poster Keep Calm and Carry On to prepare the public for the events of World War II. It was intended to raise morale, in anticipation of the widely predicted mass air attacks on major cities. We know today that the British suffered such attacks and did indeed, Keep Calm and Carry On. This poster is still popular today as an expression of resilience in the face of difficult times.

We at the Center were inspired to create this Keep Calm Mug using the design and concept from the 1939 poster with a little revisionist history added. We have incorporated the message of the A Course in Miracles into our mug to remind you why you are entitled to miracles and why you can offer miracles.

As Workbook lesson 77 reminds us: 1) We will receive miracles because of what God is — our loving Father Whose will for us is healing. 2) We will offer miracles because we are one with God – we have never left our Source and therefore are powerful instruments of healing.

As a result, we invite you to: “Keep Calm and Receive Miracles” and “Keep Calm and Offer Miracles.”

We hope this mug with these quotes will empower you during this time in our history to still the chaos of the world and fulfill your miraculous purpose!

Enjoy your cup of coffee or tea in these turbulent times with a calming reminder from A Course in Miracles. Wrapped around this mug you will find soothing affirmations based on the Course’s lesson 77.

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