Join Lessons in Light

Because of the current world situation, you may be feeling a sense of isolation, and we want to help. In our weekly meetings, we are currently in our Lessons in Light series, which follows the forty days (traditionally known as Lent) leading up to Easter. This series is about releasing our sacrificing thoughts and awakening to our power – that’s something we all need to focus on now.

With that in mind, we want to make this entire series available to our ACIM family as a gift. As always you can watch the meetings free every Wednesday at 7:05pm (Pacific Time), or you can watch at your convenience by subscription. We feel that all our current subscribers will want to join us in welcoming anyone who wants to view these meetings and experience the power and inspiration they bring. That is why we are providing a link that will lead you to the past three lessons, and, from here on out, we will archive for free the remaining meetings in the series. We hope you will be blessed by these gatherings and feel the power of joining together.

Watch the Series for Free


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