Healing for You in 2022

by Beverly Hutchinson McNeff

A Course in Miracles invites us to “make this year different by making it all the same.” It asks us to let all our relationships be made holy for us. This is its advice on how to make the year different from all our others: to consistently allow the Holy Spirit to heal our relationships for us.

You may think: “What are you talking about? All my relationships are just fine.” But let’s remember, we wouldn’t be here if we were truly healed. We can all benefit by allowing the Holy Spirit into our minds and letting Him do the work.

So this year, instead of resisting healing by saying I can’t do it…it’s too hard…I’m not spiritual enough…there’s nothing to heal…let’s just invite Him in. Let’s step back from what we think we know and become comfortable with the presence of God, the presence of love that only wants our happiness and healing.

Most of the time, we don’t know why we are unhappy, depressed, or anxious. Don’t let that stop you from inviting in the Holy Spirit’s presence. He knows how to help even if you don’t. Your understanding is not necessary for Him to work; only your willingness is.

I remember once going to a chiropractor for a backache. I was sure I knew where the problem was; it was where my pain was. However, the doctor told me the pain was just a symptom of the problem and that he would make the adjustment at the point of the problem, not at the effect. He also massaged my hurting back (which felt so good), but just to do that would not have cured my problem.

This is how the Holy Spirit solves our pains: He deals with them at the source of the problem, not at the effect. We only see the effect; He sees the cause. He lovingly “massages” us through our effects, so we feel nurtured and comforted while He heals our problems in such a way that they will not return to cause us pain.

Let’s not try to figure out how the Holy Spirit could heal our lives or this world. Let us be assured that if God says healing is possible, then it will occur. Let us make this year different by trusting in God and allowing His Will to be done.

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