God Is Here and with You Now

by Beverly Hutchinson McNeff

[dropcap]An[/dropcap] elderly couple were driving in their old car which had a bench seat (not the bucket seats that so many new cars have.) They passed by a younger couple who were walking hand-in-hand, showing great affection for each other. The wife turned to her husband and said, “Why aren’t we more like them?”

To that the husband replied, “I’m not the one who moved.”

Have you ever wondered “where is God?” in a particular situation or circumstance? Or why God has not answered your prayers? Well, He has not moved. He is here with you now. But, we move away from God when we live in fear, judgment or attack. Let us today remember that we are forever an effect of God. As He created us, so do we remain. Where He placed us, we still abide. Let us move back to Him by becoming aware of the choices that distance us from Him. Is it hard to let go of a judgment when we feel justified in that judgment?

Yes, but it is not impossible. We are studying A Course in Miracles and that is what is called for now — a miracle!

We are all part of the great web of life. What we do to one part of the web, affects us all”

Today, let us open our minds to the truth of who we are and the truth of those who walk beside us. We are not alone nor do our thoughts and actions affect only us. As the Indian Chief Seattle once said, “We are all part of the great web of life. What we do to one part of the web, affects us all.” The Course would say, “To give and to receive are one in truth.” If we want the gift of awareness, of a miracle, then we must be willing to be an instrument of that same gift. To those who would attack us, let us offer the understanding of Christ. To those we would judge, let us ask for the wisdom of Christ. To those we would fear, let us see them with the vision of Christ. Let us know that we do not walk alone.

“If you knew Who walked beside you on the way that you have chosen, fear would be impossible.” (T-18.III.3:2)

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