God Friended Me

by Beverly Hutchinson McNeff

There’s a new television show on CBS called God Friended Me. Here’s the premise. A man who has abandoned the concept of a higher power is now faced with that higher power talking directly to him through his cell phone – quite an update from the burning bush! Needless to say, the protagonist spends the first half of the show denying God, but in this case he simply “deletes” God’s friend request over and over again. He finally “confirms” the request and so begins the process of God suggesting other people our hero might like to be friends with, and we are off on some touching encounters that heal past and current hurts in those individuals’ lives. Of course, our hero is also getting his chance to heal, as well.

What I found hopeful, as I watched this show, is that our social consciousness is advocating connection with each other through help and service, which not only assists the receiver but inevitably heals the giver. A Course in Miracles reminds us over and over again that giving and receiving are the same, and we definitely see this concept magnified in this series.

Of course, this is certainly not a new idea. The basic concept of the Golden Rule is found within every perennial philosophy, but this rule has been strained to the breaking point in our current society, with hate and attack being advocated by some of the loudest voices in our land.

It is easy to fall into answering like for like – someone attacks us, and we attack back. Some even attack back ten times harder and brag about it. But how is that helpful? Is it really strength to attack or is real strength the ability to see the calls for love in these acts and let compassion and understanding lead the way? This does not mean that we do not speak out or stop acts of hate and attack, but it does mean we will be guided in such a way as to promote a solution that can heal, rather than one of “an eye for an eye.” As Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “That old law about ‘an eye for an eye’ leaves everybody blind. The time is always right to do the right thing.”

King was right, the time is always right to do the right thing, but it is not always easy for us. Recognizing that giving and receiving are the same is an alien concept to the unforgiving mind that thinks it can attack and separate from others with no consequence to itself. But if we truly want to be at peace, to be healed, to know the power of God in our lives, then forgiveness must lead the way and now is the time to “confirm” God’s friend request.

It is always the right time to let forgiveness lead the way; again, we do this not because we want to deny what is going on, but because we want to end what is going on. It may seem like kindness, understanding, and compassion are forgotten concepts today — ideas we choose to “delete” instead of giving them the attention they deserve. However, there is no time like now, because, as the Course reminds us, there is no time but now. In this moment, miracles are possible because they are always present. As we are told in the Course…

“This world is full of miracles. They stand in shining silence next to every dream of pain and suffering, of sin and guilt.” (T-28.II.12)

This empowering passage is the quote on MDC’s wall calendar for October 2018. I see this quote every day, as I glance at my calendar, and I am inspired because it reminds me that the world of hate, fear, and attack is doomed, for miracles are here now! But (and here comes the big “but”), the choice is mine as to where my focus will be. Just as the hero in the TV show God Friended Me, we can keep “deleting” God’s friend request and ignore the miracles that are standing here right now.

What will be your choice today? Isn’t it time we look with the wonderment of a child at this world that is presenting us with exciting opportunities to heal, to help? Or will we choose to close ourselves off to others and their needs and thereby miss the answers that are here for us to see in this moment?

Are you seeing miracles? Maybe you need to “confirm” God’s friend request. But, remember, answering His call means you cannot cut yourself off from any part of His creation. Anyone He sends to you throughout the day, whether in person or in your thoughts, is an opportunity for your healing and the awareness of miracles. You will not know the miracles that are all around you as long as hate, attack, or separation finds a place within your heart, for that is the sign you have “deleted” the request.

Let’s tap “confirm” together and let the healing miracles be experienced now!

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