A Miraculous Valentine’s Story

by Beverly Hutchinson McNeff

It was Valentine’s Day, and Joey was busy making Valentines for everyone in his class. His mother was happy to see her little boy so joyful, but she was worried that the other children would not remember to give a Valentine to Joey. You see, Joey was a little slower than the rest of the kids. He was often forgotten and not given much value by them, but that did not seem to stop him from getting into the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Joey was determined not to forget even one child.

Valentine’s Day arrived, and his mother waited worriedly as the time neared when Joey would be coming home. To lessen his disappointment, if no one had given him a Valentine, she had baked his favorite cookies.

Looking out the window with her cookies in hand, she saw Joey turn the corner. He was saying something to himself, but she could not make it out. As he got closer, she could see that he had a smile on his face. As he walked into the kitchen, she heard him say with glee, “I didn’t miss a one, Mom, I didn’t miss a one!”

She then realized that he didn’t have any Valentines in his hands. None had been given him. His joy was not in receiving a Valentine, it was in giving them away. Joey had made sure that every child was remembered. He didn’t “miss a one.” That was what brought him joy.

Years ago, when I first heard this sweet story, I was reminded of A Course in Miracles’ Workbook Lesson 67, “Love created me like itself.” This lesson, which is our prayer thought for February, reminds us that we are part of God’s definition of Himself. We are holy, kind, helpful, perfect, and any of the attributes which are in accord with God.

What the world shows us or tells us is not who we are. And we will experience God’s definition of us when we embrace the love that created us and share that love with those who walk this world with us.

Let us remember that we are complete, even if the world shows us loss…that we are loved, even if another shows us indifference…that we are “one,” even when others believe in separation.

Let us not “miss a one” this month. Let us share our love with all we meet and feel the Love of God that created us like itself.

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