A Prayer Wheel

by Beverly Hutchinson McNeff

In our day and age, we are faced with challenges that our forefathers never had. We have global warming, pandemics, and we have traffic! Whether it be on a freeway, interstate, highway, autobahn, or surface street, the word “gridlock” can strike fear and frustration into the heart of even the heartiest commuter. Is there any hope for peace as we drive the highways of “this world that is not our home?” Here’s a helpful, healing hint you might want to try!

In a recent magazine article, a woman was sharing her story of “grizzly gridlock” on a street near her home during the heat of the day. The drivers had their windows open and air conditioners turned off to avoid overheating their cars, but she could see that most of the drivers were overheating their minds as they sat motionless, strangling the steering wheel, locked in angry stares at the cars ahead of them. She was no different, but as she turned her head to look out of her side window, she noticed a woman in the next car with a face of serenity. And, yes, even a smile!

“What’s your secret?” the woman shouted out her window.

The lady looked back, a little startled. “Excuse me?” she replied.

“Well, you look so serene in your car when the rest of us are so furious with all this traffic,” said the woman in a somewhat cynical manner.

“Oh,” said the serene woman, “I just take this time to use my steering wheel as a prayer wheel.”

“What?” asked the other woman.

“Well, whenever I’m in my car, I run my hands around the wheel and feel the bumps. I use each bump as a reminder to send a prayer to a friend or family member. And, if I run out of them, I send a prayer to the other drivers. It brings me a lot of peace and takes my mind off of the traffic,” she said.

We may not be able to avoid the traffic, but we can experience peace in the face of it. It is our choice, and as we send loving thoughts to others, we are healed.

“All gifts I give my brothers are my own.” (W-pII.316)

Could this be God’s answer to gridlock? Whether your steering wheel has bumps or not, you can still use it as a prayer wheel to focus on peace and blessings – perhaps you can steer yourself into a higher consciousness for the world! Give it a try and let me know how it works!

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