A Lesson in Love

Remembering the life of Jerry Jampolsky

by Beverly Hutchinson McNeff

On Tuesday, December 29, 2020 at 7:07pm, our dear friend Dr. Gerald Jampolsky gently laid his body down to “rest a while from labor gladly done and gladly ended.” During his final days in this worldly experience, Jerry was on hospice at his home in Sausalito, California, surrounded by his loving wife Diane, his son Lee, and granddaughter Lexi. His passing into eternal life was “a gentle welcome to release.” Jerry is no longer limited by a body that could not serve his mighty spirit. Now Jerry’s powerful light and truth are free to be everywhere at any time without limits. And so “we bless his body for helping this Son of God along the way he goes to God, but we are thankful, too, the need is done to walk the world of limits. Jerry can now behold Christ without blinders, in the light that he has learned to look upon again.”*

Jerry’s passage into eternal life gives us a chance to once again remember our essence. We are not limited by a body, but we can lovingly allow our bodily existence to become a gift of healing. And Jerry certainly did that.

When I think of Jerry, I see all of us. He started out believing his success and problems were found in the world. In 1975, he was “a successful psychiatrist who appeared to have everything he wanted.” Jerry wrote these words in his first international bestseller Love is Letting Go of Fear. Even though the world saw him as having everything, his inner world was falling apart: a painful divorce, heavy drinking, and a chronic, disabling back pain. In short, he felt empty, unhappy, and hypocritical. When he first came across A Course in Miracles, he did not rush to its message, but he was willing. That willingness was all it took. As he began reading the Course, he heard an inner voice that said, “Physician, heal thyself: this is your way home.”

Beverly and Jerry in 1980

Jerry’s life then became one of service and healing. He embraced the transformational message of the Course and extended it: into the principles he developed for the Centers for Attitudinal Healing, which can now be found on six continents around the globe; into his bestselling books, which have become an inspiration to multitudes and an entry point for many to the Course; and into his living, which continues to impact us all.

I hear from students all over the world about how Jerry’s books, writings in The Holy Encounter magazine, lectures at our conferences, and most importantly his very being has impacted their lives and made the Course real and practical for them. Jerry allowed God to use him by practicing forgiveness and extending love everyday of his life. This is not easy, but it is necessary. We have a function here and that is to let forgiveness lead the way. As the Course puts it, “Salvation of the world depends on you who can forgive. Such is your function here.” (W-186.14:5)

Jerry demonstrated this function beautifully. We are all grateful we had a chance to walk this world of limits with him and to watch him transcend those limits and take his powerful place in the Heavens as a light to guide us now.

As 2021 begins, I am empowered by one of my favorites Course quotes that is so synonymous with Jerry: “Teach only love, for that is what you are.” Jerry was not perfect in this world, but he knew the formula that would awaken him to his perfection: “Everything you teach you are learning. Teach only love, and learn that love is yours and you are love.” (T-6.III.4:8-9)

Join with me as we embrace this formula for awakening. Together, with Jerry’s love and light supporting us, we can truly ring in a miraculous and transforming new year. Thank you, Jerry, for your lesson in love.

* Passages paraphrased from The Song of Prayer, an extension of the principles of A Course in Miracles.

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