A Happiness Birthday Reminder

by Beverly Hutchinson McNeff

Sometimes we hold on to our problems like a dog hangs on to a bone. The idea of someone taking those problems away from us causes us to growl and bark out things like, “you don’t understand why I’m so hurt by this” or “how can you expect me to let that go?!” The audacity of someone thinking they can solve our “dearly beloved” problems is just too ridiculous.

I remember when I was in high school (remember high school?) and I thought everything was a life and death situation. In my mind, no one knew what I was going through and certainly my mother’s suggestions were too simplistic. My mom would always listen to my dramas (when I was willing to share them), offer her suggestions as to how I could handle something or someone, and end by saying that the most important thing was to be happy — and to not let anything rob you of your happiness. Of course, that was the last thing I wanted to hear! “Happy” didn’t fit into my drama, and “happy” would not fix my problems!

I am so glad I have finally grown up (at least a little). I can now see her great wisdom. And, even though there are still times when I want to hang onto my problems like that dog with his bone, I’m a little more willing to try again.

Workbook Lesson 101 in A Course in Miracles says (which is also the thought in our Prayer Ministry for May), “God’s will for me is perfect happiness.” It goes on to say that no matter what we have believed is causing us pain, suffering, or fear, God’s will for us is happiness. It’s time for us to bring the lies of the ego to the truth where they will be gently removed by God’s will for happiness for us.

May 4th was my mom’s birthday, and this year was the 23rd anniversary of her passing into eternal life. So, as I read Hugh Prather’s flip calendar for that day, I knew it was a message from my mom. It said…

“Be happy, and gently release your mind from what makes you unhappy. That is the ancient secret; the inner teaching; the lost knowledge; the message of the still, quiet voice; the only wisdom ever to be attained.”

Today this wisdom makes sense to me … tomorrow I may forget, but that’s okay. The truth, just like my mom, waits quietly for me to remember. It’s never lost, and, when I’m ready, happiness will be mine once again.

“God’s Will for you is perfect happiness. Why should you choose to go against His Will?” (W-100.2)

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