A Gift of Peace for Our Planet

A message from Beverly Hutchinson McNeff

The Dalai Lama was once asked why he didn’t fight back against the Chinese when he was exiled from Tibet. He replied with his usual humor, “because war is obsolete, you know.” Then he paused and, in a more serious tone, said that the mind can always rationalize fighting back, but the heart will never understand it. We would then be divided in ourselves (the heart and the mind,) and the war would be inside us.

No matter which side you find yourself on regarding the issues that face us in world conflicts or what may be occurring in your own personal “wars,” it is now time for us to rise to the level of the answer and not stay in the conflict. A Course in Miracles wisely suggests that we rise above the battleground for a little while each day as we practice our daily lessons or simply remember the presence of God (love). From that perspective, a miracle can be born, and that miracle can heal what seems insurmountable, for nothing is impossible in the face of love.

Every year, in honor of the anniversary of 9/11, we offer a video for peace. May we focus on the healing unity of love within us instead of any areas of disagreement. We pray this for our interpersonal relationships and our planet, for in the healing of one lies the other.

This video is the brainchild of my dear friend and sound healing pioneer, Steven Halpern. Since 1983, our friendship and collaboration have produced a series of seven recordings recordings blending the timeless message of A Course in Miracles with his healing music. We have joined together to create this video as a gift of healing for our planet.

With Steven’s inspired music for healing in the Middle East and the peace-filled words of the Course spoken in English, Hebrew, and Arabic, we hope to allow peace to rise foremost in our consciousness for all on our planet. I encourage you to freely share this video and let us know your comments.

Read in English by Beverly Hutchinson, Hebrew by Daniella Danilov, and Arabic by Louai.
Music by Steven Halpern and Jorge Alfano. www.stevenhalpern.com
Translations are shown as they appear in the book, Peace, edited by Efrat Sar-Shalom.
Quotations from A Course in Miracles appear by permission of the Foundation for Inner Peace. www.acim.org

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