Int’l Conference on A Course in Miracles

August 19-20, 2017 – Irvine, California | Just Added: Jerry and Diane!

For the past thirty-nine years, MDC has delved into the powerful, practical message of A Course in Miracles and helped students integrate its principles into daily living. One way is through our conferences which provide the inspiration to those just beginning to practice the Course as well as long-time students who need a little jump-start. Through inspiring lectures by prominent Course speakers and individual interaction with students from around the world, this year’s conference will help you experience the understanding, peace and joy you are entitled to.

Featuring Beverly Hutchinson McNeff, Robert Rosenthal, Karen Casey, Jacob Glass, Jon Mundy, Jerry Jampolsky & Diane Cirincione-Jampolsky, Paul McNeff, and musical guests Bettman & Halpin. (Each presenter will address the entire audience. There will be no breakout sessions, so you won’t miss a presentation.)

Attend in person in Southern California or watch from home via live streaming video with access to archived sessions for one month after the weekend.

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  • DATES: August 19-20, 2017
  • TIMES: Saturday 9 am to 9 pm, Sunday 9 am to 1 pm
  • COST (IN PERSON): $189 (Includes lunch on Saturday, with vegetarian options available) REGISTER HERE or call 1-800-359-2246
  • COST (LIVE STREAMING): $89 (Includes live chat during the event and access to archived video sessions for 30 days after the weekend.) REGISTER HERE or call 1-800-359-2246
  • LODGING: The hotel is offering a special room rate of $115 a night for attendees. Make your Room Reservation Online or call 800-207-4809 and mention Miracle Distribution Center to obtain the special rate. The discounted parking rate is $6.00 per day. The hotel offers a free shuttle to and from Orange County airport (a five-minute ride)

Wyndham Hotel Irvine-Orange County Airport
17941 Von Karman Avenue
Irvine, California – Directions to the Hotel
The discounted parking rate is $6.00 per day

REFUND POLICY: Refunds are available until August 11th (a $25 processing fee applies.) No refunds are available after August 11th.

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Here’s what others have said about our conferences . . .

Thank you so much for the wonderful weekend conference, The Treasure of God. I loved that the story of the prodigal son was the theme along with the Peace Pledge, because it seems to me that our accepting ourselves as God’s Treasure is our means for finding that peace. I also loved the speakers and hung on their every word. You had read a letter from a conference attendee on the last study group CD, and everything she mentioned as having meaning for her were also the main “jewels” I took home for myself and have been thinking about ever since.

Also, your staff is amazing. They made me feel so welcomed, like an old friend they’ve known for years – especially Tess and Maria. I always feel so loved when I attend these conferences and a part of the MDC “family.” I also want to thank you for recognizing our study group. I feel so honored to have these individuals in my life and to be able to bring us all together each week to study the Course.

They, too, loved the conference – it was the first time for all but one of them. They all want to come back next year. I was also happy and grateful that the other groups attending were also recognized – that was fun to hear how each one identified themselves.

I’m off to Pennsylvania to visit with family and I’m taking the Course. I will take the touchstone from the conference so I can keep my focus on the goal of peace as I step into territory that may bring up some old childhood wounds that need to be forgiven and healed. The peace of God is my one goal – thank you so much for bringing that forward in my consciousness to guide my way. I love the Course and all of you at MDC. I can never thank you enough.“

– A.Y., Boston, MA


Thank you so much for bringing these wonderful Miracle weekends to all of us. I have attended at least four over the years having been a student since 1980 (one of those slow learners you mentioned) but find each one with new gifts for me. Jacob Glass is such a refreshing spark of joy and laughter laced with true wisdom, and what a blessing to hear Marianne share her brilliance. You always delight and inspire me with your amazing energy, love and devotion to the teachings of the Course. You appear to me to be a true manifestation of the joy and happiness promised by the Course.

I have invited 20+ friends and family to join the peace pledge, two live in Australia, one in Romania, three in Ohio, two in Orlando, the rest from S. California

The conference was absolutely fabulous — start to finish!!! I honestly don’t know how it could have been better (although those songs make me SO emotional!)“

– W.B., Long Beach, CA


I can’t tell you the high I had while at the conference and since I’ve been home. I was able to remember my hourly peace pledge on Monday at work, but yesterday I was a little less responsive, but said it when I remembered.

Let me say a few words about the conference. First off, I was NEVER alone. When I went up to the conference room Friday afternoon I met and received hugs from Beverly, Leon, Cathy, Maria, Tess and so many others. Coming over from the airport, I rode with Lisa and Doris … so as you all remember not only did I get those hugs, all of you on this listener board did, too! I passed your love on to everyone there.

It’s hard to put into words my experience but I’ll try. It was exhilarating! I loved all of the speakers…

From the Jampolskys I will start doing my “to be” list before I get out of bed, instead of my “to do” list…As they said, “all you are required to do is give love”. Also, “never use words as weapons…say instead “I need your help”.

From Carole Howe, we are not students of the Course, but practitioners….and I so agree. I have been practicing the Course for 14 years. I am not a student. It was also interesting to hear about Bill’s life, from her book Never Forget to Laugh … which I bought and had her sign.

What can I say about Jacob Glass except he is so hilarious!!!! But he had some thoughts I hadn’t thought of before like the ego wants you to mess up in little ways, because in big ways you may want to do something about it. Also instead of looking at where we got it wrong, why not look at the last 24hours and see where you got it right! Do a gratitude list. He also said show up, on time, be prepared, the rest is none of my business. Monday at work I thought about that a lot when my mind wondered into judgment.

Marianne…well, I didn’t take notes with her…she was so amazing to watch and listen to. She has a new book out soon.

I saved the best for last….Beverly. I don’t believe in cloning but I rethought that over this past weekend. I would love to clone Beverly, make her small so I could put her in my pocket and she could go with me all through the day! She embodies such enthusiasm, makes you feel like you can do anything, you are mesmerized by all the knowledge and love for the Course that comes out of her. She speaks with her hands, flings her arm up like Wanda Sykes, and makes you laugh!

I feel honored to have been a part of this weekend, to have met Tess, Maria, Darin, Conrad, Frank, Lisa, Doris, Donna, Ken, Leon…and all of you wonderful spirits that I may not remember your names but remember your kindness.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to come together in a group and embodying the core of the text, one of love and holiness.

PS: Now for all of you who haven’t taken the peace pledge, get cracking and take it!“

– C.V., Portland, OR


Thank you, Beverly, for all the effort you put into the miracle network, the Center, the Conference and for being a great living example of the Course.

It was my first conference. I enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with enlightened beings, and I had many, many good laughs.

It’s so very good to be awake after all those years of taking myself and everything so darned serious. Life is so much easier now that I don’t owe any allegiance to the false ego ideal that I was enslaved to for so long.

Thank you, Beverly, and to your lovely husband and all the Miracle family. It was a really neat experience.“

– T.D., Atlanta, GA


Just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful conference. I so appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm to help us all stay on the path Home.

I posted the link for the Peace Pledge on my Facebook. Have also sent the link to a friend of mine in San Diego who is on the committee for the Dept. for Peace. Let’s shoot for 100,000!! Hey, how about 100 million!!“

– E.S., Chicago, IL


Thank you for a wonderful weekend. This was my third conference and it was the best so far. Bravo and congratulations.

This is the reminder I said I would send you requesting that you have the Peace Pledge translated into Arabic. I will be leaving on Sept 10th and if the translation was available ahead of time, I would print cards with the translation to pass out while I am in Egypt and Cairo. I hope I can start a movement in the Middle East to join you in yours.“

– R.F., San Francisco, CA


I think I would call these miracle conferences, my gas station, every time I come in it is like fueling myself up with so many blessings and knowledge from not just the speakers but from every person who sits next to you, behind you and in front of you.

This year two of our group came with me to the conference and we were all excited to be with you and all the people there. I felt the Love so intensely with all the hugs and smiles from everybody. These two days were not enough for me – I wanted more!

Thank you so much for sharing your smile, your hugs and the all the knowledge God has given you. I wear my peace bracelet everywhere I go. My coworkers asked me the day after the conference if the bracelet was a gay thing and I said, “No, it’s my pledge to Peace.” I am no longer the person who was scared of everybody and everything. Now I know that God goes with me wherever I go.

I just want to express my gratitude again to you and the wonderful team of people you have backing you up.“

– G.P., Austin, TX


I am so grateful I could attend the conference–what a “glorious” experience. Many thanks to MDC’s speakers (and musicians), staff and fellow participants…it was uplifting, incredibly helpful, and I absolutely loved it! What a transformative gathering.“

– N.J., Minneapolis, MN


I have been very busy this weekend following the conference on Facebook. What a wonderful job they are doing with the conference! With the short videos they show on Facebook, it makes me feel I’m there! Thank you so much. You all are doing fantastic work.“

– K.M., Portis, KS


The conference was absolutely awesome! Beverly and all the other speakers were so great. It was very evident in their discussions and answering of questions that they all know the Course backward and forward, and I learned a lot. I gained insight from their sharing how they have applied the principles in their lives over and over. Frequently, the words they used to explain the Course principles in everyday terms and illustrate them in everyday experiences touched me deeply. So, for me, the conference was moving, inspiring, enlightening, and validating.“

– L.N., London, UK


It was very clear that all of you from the MDC were there only to be truly helpful: for one thing, I could feel it. The love and desire to be of service were unmistakable — tangible, even — throughout the entire event. And then there was the fact that the conference registration cost was so low. When I saw how much it cost, I said to myself: these people must be genuine; at that price, there can be no motive but service here. And that was exactly what I experienced at the conference. I went to the conference by myself, so I expected a good deal of solitude while I was there. I found anything but. There were no strangers among the attendees. Everyone treated each other as if we are all brothers and each others’ salvation. I met many beautiful people, some of whom I am staying in touch with and look forward to seeing again.“

– M.K., Miami, FL


I want to thank you for the offer and generosity for the free admissions. I was able to utilize 6 free tickets, giving some discounts and to some, free admission. A lot of the group were from my new beginner’s class on the Course and had never been to a conference before. They were so blessed.” [MDC offers a registration special for all their conferences: Register 4 people at the same time and a 5th person comes free.]“

– D.I., Boulder, CO


I had a great time. I feel so uplifted and inspired. I’m doing the Lessons with renewed commitment and devotion.“

– S.G., Midland, TX


Thank you for an incredible weekend!“

– H.T., Lima, Peru


I just wanted to give my heartfelt gratitude for a wonderful life-affirming experience. I shared this weekend with the friend who introduced me to the Course just a few months ago. It was like sharing one big weekend-long hug. I am ready to devote myself once again to the Course and all the wonderful work it entails. I cannot recall a time, in my adult life, when I was in the presence of so much love and genuine beauty. It’s funny, for the first time I realized that love and beauty are not scarce “resources.” They are real, infinite, and everywhere I choose to see them. Now I am ready to see this within my own being.

Thank you so very much, and I look forward to seeing you again in April.“

– J.E., St. George, UT


Thanks for a beautiful conference. When I received the conference badge/ticket in the mail, I set in my big leather chair and just cried as I read “I am determined to see” with my name underneath it….the Spirit just flooded me. Thanks for having the conference. It was also a nice location by being able to fly in to John Wayne Airport.

At the beginning of the conference you had us all sing a song as we looked in to each others eyes. It was a simple beautiful song, but quite moving.“

– D.L., Albany, NY


Thank you so much for the wonderful conference. It was everything I expected and more! It was so fun to reconnect with Doris and Diane from last year and to make new friends. It was great to see Tess, Frank, Ken, and Barbara Ann again, and to meet Barry. There were certainly angels all around and the love and peace I continue to feel is great! I feel empowered to heal my relationship with my son and to see him as strong and capable rather than someone in need of rescuing.

Your love and kindness are truly a blessing to us all. Thanks and blessings to all at Miracle Distribution Center and the speakers for making this event happen!“

– F.B., Portland, ME


I wanted to send a little note and let you know what a wonderful time George and I had this past weekend. It was everything I expected and more. You are such an awesome speaker and are so gifted at making the Course
understandable. It is obvious that you are doing exactly what you were born to do.

It was great to meet all the people behind the voices in the study group recordings. I had to laugh on the way home when I was listening to an old recording and Frank was telling about meeting someone on vacation that told him he needs to hold the mike up to his mouth. (So I guess I don’t need to tell him.)

My husband was equally impressed with the whole experience (that in itself is amazing), so we plan to make it an annual event (on the East Coast). So thank you for all you do, we really appreciate it.“

– A.E., Virginia Beach, VA


WOW, just got home and wanted to thank all of you for a wondrous weekend at the convention. Everyone I came in contact with were examples of service in action. I know the challenges of getting an event like this to run smoothly and still be an event that is open for the healing to be able to take place. It totally achieved its purpose for me and many others this weekend.

There were so many opportunities for us to have a holy experience. From the speakers, to the music to the other attendees and, yes, even from myself and how I chose to show up.

The first experience that sticks in my mind is from early Saturday morning and that was meeting Beverly. I know she must have had many things to check on to make sure things got started on time yet she was a perfect example of the Course in action. She greeted me like I was her best friend she had not seen in years. Her light and love was shining bright to me. And the miracle was that I both recognized it and felt worthy of it. And her closing hug and words were just as loving.

You all truly created an environment were it was safe to open up and let us experience our love within ourselves. I look forward to the next convention (not going to wait ten years for the next one) and getting MDC’s weekly group discussions also.

Everyone did a fabulous job this weekend. I am sure this is just one of many of these letters you will receive. THANK YOU, THANK YOU ALL!!“

– F.Y., New Orleans, LA


Thank you. I brought my 18 year old daughter because I wanted her to be immersed in the blessings of the teachings, and she was indeed. She was a little concerned when she realized she was the only young person in the room, but after a few minutes she realized that she was surrounded by many whom probably wished they had brought their kids with them too. She was touched by each speaker as was I. Thank you for your leadership.“

– W.E., Las Vegas, NV


I had a great time at the conference! I really enjoyed your humor and your human understanding of what it is to be a practicing Teacher of God. Truly we are blessed by your insights and understanding of A Course in Miracles.

Your hubby blew my socks off with that duet he did! Marianne was an inspiration, too. She has been purified by fire as a Teacher of God who has put it all out there for the whole world to see.

Finally, the lesson of being determined to see goes really deep. If I am correct, it is my understanding that our physical sight is actually blinding us to our reality as God created it. I am grateful that I am being shown how to accomplish that work.“

– D.V., Buena Park, CA


Thank you for a wonderful weekend conference! I loved seeing you all in person and “joining” with you and the other students of the Course. I try to “be at home” wherever I am, but it seems extra comfortable to be with people who are all speaking the same language. I love the Course and I love you and I love coming to the conference every year.

Thank you for all the hard work that goes into creating such a beautiful gift! Thank you, too, for the opportunity to experience Paul’s gift; what a beautifully moving experience. I hope he shares his voice with us every year! Thank you, thank you, thank you!“

– T.C., Honolulu, HI


It was such a pleasure to meet you and all of your worker bees! I must tell you that what I was most grateful for at the conference was the transfer of love and energy that I absorbed so rapidly and completely from everyone in the room. I especially enjoyed the music. Michele is so gifted and it really set the tone and atmosphere to absorb the positive energy of the Holy Spirit — that is the only way I can describe it. Every time I feel a little down or separated, I remember those two days and I can experience that same calmness, serenity and the knowing that I am in the right place at the right time doing exactly what I am suppose to be doing. What a relief! That is what I was determined to see all along: my purpose!

I truly believe in miracles since becoming sober 12 years ago, there is no question that a Higher Power has a plan for me. That is what I am truly grateful for as now my perception is clearing and my spiritual path is becoming clearer everyday! God bless you, your family and everyone at MDC — especially Tess.“

– B.R., Los Angeles, CA


It was a real joy attending the Course conference. You always speak from the heart in a down-to-earth manner that truly touches everyone’s souls. Thank you for providing other amazing speakers, songs and community. And I love your bountiful energy and enthusiasm – even your hairdo!

I thank you for gracing the conference with your wisdom and words and the world with your presence.“

– S.A., New York, NY