The Holy Encounter Weekend
with Beverly Hutchinson McNeff

April 6-7, 2018 – Naperville, Illinois

International lecturer, author, and founder of the Center, Beverly Hutchinson McNeff, brings her 40 years of Course study to this weekend experience with A Course in Miracles in Chicago. Our Holy Encounter Weekends are designed to give people an opportunity to go deeper into the life-changing principles of A Course in Miracles. Lectures, discussions, group activities, meditations and music all combine to bring not just an understanding of the Course, but also an experience of it. We have been presenting these popular weekends across the country in answer to students’ desires for a more everyday understanding of the Course, and no one is better at simplifying the complex with humor and practicality than Beverly! A Friday evening joining will set the tone for the all-day Saturday holy encounter. We hope you will join us.

  • DATES: April 6-7, 2018
  • TIMES: Friday 7 pm to 9 pm, Saturday 9 am to 4:30 pm
  • COST: $149.00 (includes lunch)
  • REGISTER: ONLINE HERE or call 1-800-359-2246
  • LOCATION: NIU Naperville Conference Center, 1120 E Diehl Rd, Naperville, Illinois. Map It
  • LODGING: Many hotels are within walking distance of the conference center. Visit our Hotel Page for all the details.

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REFUND POLICY: Refunds are available until March 23rd (a $50 processing fee applies.) No refunds are available after March 23rd.

What Others Have Said About Our Weekends…

“Thank you for a life-changing workshop. Reading the Course has been clearer than ever for me since hearing you speak in person.”

– Linda Goff, Astatula, FL

“Thank you so much for the weekend. It was just the shot in the arm I needed.”

— Love, Stephanie

“The weekend was very meaningful to me, and I want to thank you for your clarity, focus, and energy. I have already signed up for the next one, and look forward to the experience of greater understanding.”

— Vicki Escude, Savannah, GA

“Dear Friends,
This past weekend I attended a Weekend of Miracles in Orlando, and it was great. Beverly makes everything so plain and easy to practice. I really appreciated her approach and her enthusiasm for the Course.”

— Lois Christopher, Orlando, FL

“Hi Group,
Thought I’d let you know that the conference in Boston was FANTASTIC! The room was packed with people from all over New England as well as from Maryland, Washington DC, New Jersey, Virgina, and Vermont. I loved it when Paul McNeff played the piano and sang: ‘I am the light of the world. That is my only function. That is why I am here.’ I brought a friend to the conference who has been unable to get a grasp on the Course because the book overwhelmed him. He had a shift in perception from experiencing Beverly’s teachings and wisdom this weekend. He told me he now plans to begin reading the Workbook lessons. That was one of many miracles I witnessed this past weekend. I hope Beverly makes it an annual tradition to return to Boston as we sure love and need her!”

— Love and light, Larry Kaye, Westford, MA

“Dear Beverly and all,
My friends and I enjoyed your presentations very much. I was especially glad to have an opportunity to finally meet you. You are fabulously charismatic and knowledgeable about the Course. I was sorry that I didn’t know that you were in D.C. a day ahead of the presentation. Next time you come let me know, and I will give you our ‘insiders’ tour of the Capital and even the White House. I enjoy The Holy Encounter and am so impressed by your ‘many splendid’ talents.”

— Annette Lantos, Washington, DC

“Dear Beverly,
Thank you so much for the beautiful miracles weekend! My friend and I enjoyed every moment and we kept that wonderful state of being for days afterwards. We both are still singing the songs!

Thank you to your dear husband, Paul, for his wonderful music and his state of groundedness from which he shared the stage with you. And thanks to your little Jeffrey (who we met in the elevator) and whom we know is the light of your lives!

Beverly, you are an amazing teacher. You help the learning process for your students by making the message so much clearer and easier to understand! When you read the Course, it went right into my mind and heart! It made the greatest sense.
I am so glad you are doing this work. I feel that you are “dead on” in your interpretation of the Course and therefore such a blessing for all of us studying it. Thank you so much.

Besides being a great teacher, you are a delightful person full of fun, humor and humanity. It is very enjoyable to learn from you.
Your staff was great – lovely and helpful people. I felt a true sense of joining with all. We can’t wait until you come east again!!!! Maybe someday we’ll get to California!”

— Lots of love, Alice Olwell, Cold Spring, NY

“Dear Beverly,
On behalf of many of the attendees at your recent conference in the Washington, D.C. area, we want to thank you very much for your fabulous presentation! It was very helpful to be reminded of key Course concepts and how to apply them in a practical way. We love your humorous and delightful style! We also want to thank Paul and your many volunteers and staff who made the event very successful!

Thank you all for listing our study group with other study groups to help people locate Course study groups everywhere. Thanks again for all your important contributions!”

— Dwan “Diane” Tai, Washington, DC

“Dear Beverly, Paul and Tess,

Thank you so much for coming and sharing your time, energy and the Course with us here in the northeast. Beverly, we were blessed by your clarity and simplicity in sharing the Course. It was wonderful to meet you all in person. Each of you brought something very unique to our weekend together.

It was lovely meeting Jeffrey, too, after reading about him in The Holy Encounter for many years. I really appreciated my conversation with Tess and the clarity she brought to a question our group has been tossing around for a very long time regarding ‘special relationships.’ So thank you Tess.

Lastly I would like to reinforce the suggestion about having a future conference here in Maine. We live in a beautiful, lovely place. We would all help in whatever way we could with this. Thanks again.”

— Love, Barbara Grandolfo, Naples, ME

“Hi All,
I just came back from Washington, D.C. and the conference with Beverly and the MDC family. I have been a student of the Course since 1981, with Paul Steinberg and his group at that time. What I want to say is a big ‘Thank You’ to MDC and, of course, Beverly for her continued devotion to the principles of A Course in Miracles and her ability to get these principles across to us so profoundly and simply. The practice and community is so very important as it is in anything we want to acquire for ourselves in this lifetime.

We on the East Coast are so very grateful that you have come to us, to make it so easy for us to attend these Conferences. Beverly, we thank you for the blessing that you are. Keep going, because it is working.”

— Rev. AnnaMarie Canadeo, Oyster Bay, NY

“Dear Beverly,
I just want to thank you for coming to Boston this past weekend. I attended the conference with companions from my study group and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. You so fit the description of a ‘Teacher of God’ with your beautiful face, unfurrowed brow, and joyful presence — you touched our minds, hearts and lives and I am so grateful.

Paul and Tess added so much to the beauty and happiness of the weekend with their gentle ways of helping us to connect to one another through music and movement. Elenie Tsaropolous forwarded some pictures so you won’t forget us. We are hoping that we can arrange a return visit from you in a year or two during the summer on beautiful Cape Cod ‘where we abide while we are not at home.’ — seen from the eyes of love, a pretty good illusion!

Once again, Beverly, thank you again for all you do to bring the Course to the world.”

— Marcia Chapin, Cape Cod, MA

“Dear Beverly,
I was one of the many enthusiastic and grateful Course students who attended the conference in Boston. You were terrific and we all appreciated your wonderful input. I spoke to you briefly about the possibility of having a conference in Maine. Please consider it and if I could be of help, I would be happy to do so. Again, thanks so much for the past weekend!”

— Wendy Newcomb, Sebago, ME

“To Beverly, Paul and the wonderful staff,
THANK YOU!! I hope you felt it was as successful as I did. It was my first time to be in any type of A Course in Miracles conference and I felt wonderful. Of course, I realize, the important part is practicing it, but I was reminded of many of the tools we have available to help us practice and I appreciate that. Thanks.”

— TJ Hanretta, Basking Ridge, NJ

“Dear Beverly, Paul, and the entire Miracle Center staff,
Thank you for an uplifting and informative Miracle Weekend. I appreciate all the information and insight that I received from the weekend. The weekend will help move me along in my course path.”

— Sincerely, Tom Ebersold, Milford, CT

“Dear Beverly;
Last weekend in Orlando was the first time that I attended any of your sessions and got to hear you present ‘live.’ I’ve been receiving your publication for many years and have even heard some of your lesson CDs.

I must tell you what a wonderful experience it was for me on so many levels. The hotel was spectacular and only an hour from my house. Your staff is terrific. Your husband is outstanding–I had a wonderful conversation with him about his KidSingers program. What a great organization. I’m so glad that it was mentioned in the recent issue of The Holy Encounter. I could not believe how well versed you are in the Course. I was very impressed with that as I was with your energy, stamina and ability to make difficult passages understandable, and to tie different parts of the Course together. Your clarity about the Course is incredible. Thank you, Thank you!

I’ve been studying the Course for 8 or 9 years now. The Course has opened up so much for me — I cannot believe sometimes how much happier and at peace I am. I even now find myself spouting some of the principles with my negative and worrying mother.

Your forgiveness exercise towards the end of Saturday was profound for me. I’ve been working on forgiveness with many people in my past, but one of my most difficult was one of my brothers. I experienced forgiveness with him during that exercise. You may recall that I shared that experience with you. Thank you for that.

Thank you again for a wonderful experience, and I hope that I will be able to attend another conference of yours in the near future.”

— Eileen Ricker, Bushnell, FL