The Cost of Fear

From the perspective of A Course in Miracles, when we dwell in fear, we are deceiving ourselves about our reality. As we are told in the Course, if there could be an opposite to love, it would be fear, but what is all encompassing (love) can really have no opposite. Therefore, when we dwell in fear we are denying not only our reality of love but our real power. We are living a lie…

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The Assurance of a Hankie

I have vivid childhood memories of my dad always carrying a handkerchief. Whether he was dressing in a suit or work clothes, the last thing he would do is tuck that hankie into his back pocket. It was there whenever he needed it. He knew it was there. He never left the house without it. It was a part of him. Even now, when I see a handkerchief, I smile thinking of him. The fact that he always had that hankie in his back pocket makes me feel confident even today, because that is how I feel about the presence of love…

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A Note from Beverly

If you’re on our postal mailing list, last month you received our new Miracle Vinyl Cling. After removing the paper backing, you can apply the cling to most any smooth surface, including windows, mirrors, and refrigerators. It can be removed and placed elsewhere over and over again, since it works by static electricity instead of adhesive. So where did you put yours? We invite you to send us a photo of your cling in its current location. We hope it serves to remind you of this inspiring thought from lesson 285: “Today I wake with joy, expecting but the happy things of God to come to me”

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And the Answer Is…

“A gassy modern-day gospel,” “an arcane religious tract,” “the escapist of all the pseudo-religious philosophies,” and “complete gibberish.” And the Jeopardy answer is, “What is A Course in Miracles?” Well, that is the right answer if you consider what has been written about A Course in Miracles in the years since its emergence. As a matter of fact, many of these comments were made in 1992 when a frenzy of popularity on the Course occurred in such periodicals as TIME, Newsweek, People Magazine, Vanity Fair, etc…

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God Friended Me

There’s a new television show on CBS called God Friended Me. Here’s the premise. A man who has abandoned the concept of a higher power is now faced with that higher power talking directly to him through his cell phone – quite an update from the burning bush! Needless to say, the protagonist spends the first half of the show denying God, but in this case he simply “deletes” God’s friend request over and over again. He finally “confirms” the request and so begins the process…

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Who Am I?

The classic story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde describes the struggle of good and evil that seems to be within all mankind. Man’s moments of goodness and kindness can so quickly turn to anger and destruction. This split personality has been the age-old debate and yet A Course in Miracles tells us that good and evil are both untrue; we are spirit, not the acceptable or unacceptable split-image we have made ourselves into…

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What Do You Say to Life?

Red Ribbon Week takes place throughout America in October. The observance began in 1985 after a DEA agent was kidnapped and murdered by drug traffickers in Mexico. The purpose of the week is to educate people on the risks of alcohol and drugs, and to encourage healthy, drug-free lives. Most of us are familiar with Red Ribbon Week, especially if you have children. During these weeks, children wear ribbons or those familiar red wristbands. I remember vividly an experience…

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New ACIM Wristbands

Browse our collection of high quality silicone wristbands. Each contains a powerful quotation from A Course in Miracles, enabling you to glance at the Course’s inspiration throughout your busy day. Buy them individually or order the entire set in an attractive gift bag.

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